Bournville - Explore The Hidden Treasures Of Chocolate City During Your Holidays UK

Bournville is a famous name among the chocolate lovers and its name is enough to leave you with watering mouths. So, how exciting it would be to plan a trip to this small but outstandingly beautiful "Chocolate City". This small model village is known for its greenery, picturesque beauty and archaeological sites and is situated in Birmingham, UK.

This place is known all over the world for manufacturing a wide range of delicious chocolates and also holds the honor of being the first place where the Cadbury family started its business by setting up a chocolate factory. The chocolate manufacturing factory and the packaging plant are the major attraction of this place and also provide an opportunity to the visitors to taste some yummy chocolate.

Named after the famous chocolate, Bournville, this attractive place is considered as one of the best places to explore in Britain.You will never feel bored during your trip as there is so much to see and enjoy.

Reaching here

The airways serve as the main gateway for reaching comfortably to this place.You can easily reach the city of Birmingham by taking a flight to Birmingham International Airport and then enjoy a train journey in order to reach your destination.

Places to Explore

1. Selly Manor

If you wish to see something appealing and extraordinary, you can visit this building. This building is designed beautifully with timber. You will surely love the architecture and layout of this place. Now, this place is converted into a museum that exhibits the rich history and culture of this place.

2. The Cadbury World

A visit to this exciting world can take you back to the history of chocolates and let you know how Cadbury’s became a renowned brand name all over the world. Not only this you can also have lots of fun and enjoyment in this theme park. The open spaces in the park also provide you an opportunity to enjoy a family picnic.

              Bournville Parks

3. Bournville parks

The parks in this small city are beautifully designed to offer scenic landscapes to the visitors. The circular walking trails surrounded by colorful flowers can provide you an outstanding walking experience.


Though the city is small but it proffers remarkable accommodating facilities to the guests. The best hotel mostly preferred by the visitors is the Old Farm Hotel that is situated close to the Cadbury World. You can also select cottages for your stay and will be pleased by the hospitality provided by them.

Mostly, all the people love chocolates and might never lose a chance to taste numerous of them. If you are also a chocolate lover, a visit to Bournville can be the best option to have ultimate fun.