Kona Beach, Hawaii - An Island Offering The Best To The Holidaymakers

The Kona Island is a holiday destination beyond your expectations. Located in the Hawaii region this beach island showcases the beast combination of sea, sun and the waters. The gorgeous coastline will definitely blow out your mind.
Kona Beach, Hawaii
The picturesque sandy beaches and the rich cultural history are worth exploring during the holiday tour. You can also have an opportunity to check out the outstanding species of marine animals in the ocean waters. The tourists can also look forward for various water activities and the best one offered by this region is surfing.

Beach Activities

Beach Activities
Kona Beach offers a long stretches beautiful coastline with white sandy beaches glittering in the sunlight. You can carry out several activities here like surfing, snorkeling, dinner cruises and dolphin and whale watching. The crystal clear waters of the sea offer a clear visibility of the fishes, green sea turtles and other amazing sea animals. The scuba diving schools situated in this region offer an ultimate fun package to the backpackers.

Historical Parks

The most popular historical site that can be visited by you is the Captain James Cook monument situated at the Kealakekua Bay. This state historical park is worth a visit and adds excitement to your trip. There are several historical temples in the surroundings that are going to be loved by you.

Kona Coffee

The coffee farms of this region are the most beautiful places that can be visited by you. Here you can see the plants of coffee with coffee beans. You can also have the pleasure of dining in the best restaurants offering delicious seafood.

Surfing in Kona

Surfing in Kona
Surfing is the most popular and attractive activity of this beach. If you are also interested in this water activity there are some points that can be considered by you.
  • The first thing you need to do is to check out the weather conditions. November and March are considered as the best months for this activity.
  • Now, you need to test you surfing skills. If necessary you can also join the surfing schools which help you to enhance your skills and learn innovative techniques for the same.
  • Finally, you can take part in the surfing competitions held in this region and use your skills to win.This is the best exciting thing you can do.
In this article, we have discussed several aspects of the Kona Beach that would make your holidays an ultimate fun experience. Come here to experience something that is the best in the world.

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  1. As surfing is the main attraction in this beach, there are so many surfing instructors can be found. I took some lessons too. I was a very bad surfing student but it was much fun to try though.