Manhattan – A Sparkling City Of Adventure, Fun And Enjoyment

USA is considered as one of the most happening destinations in the world.Several hot spot cities are the most visited places all over the globe. Amongst this list Manhattan ranks at the top most position. Known for its peerless skylines and concrete canyons, this place boasts about the unique buildings of international importance.
Manhattan, USA 
The major places that can be explored by the tourists comprises of World Trade Center Site, Guggenheim Museum, Central Park, Times Square and the Rockefeller Center. It perfectly represents endless lists of attractions that are worth a visit. You need to plan your trip in such a manner that there is no scope of missing any of these sites. Representing the New York City this place has every thing that would entertain the people of all age groups.

Reaching Manhattan

There is no airport situated in the city of Manhattan.New York City serves as the hub for all the international airlines from all over the globe.The tourists can also avail the facility of helicopter services in order to reach in here.The well-connected railway system also serves as a fine medium to reach this place in an easy manner. 

Things To See

The several landmarks located in Manhattan bound the tourists to spend a couple of days in this beautiful city.They have to make some efforts in order to have a glance at the most popular buildings and sites in here.Some of the major attractions of this place are listed below which should be definitely visited by you.

1. The Sunset Zoo

This zoo is an outstanding place of entertainment for the kids.The zoo is categorized into 10 different sections,each of which exhibits different species of animals.The tourists can visit this place and spent some quality time viewing the several species of animals.

           Beach Art Museum

2. Beach Art Museum

The beach art museum is a perfect place to have some knowledge about the rich and varied culture of this place.The museum showcases a rich solicitation of about 65,000 objects that perfectly reflects the culture of the natives that used to live in this place.

Accommodation Facilities

There are innumerable places from highly luxurious hotels to low budget inn’s offering a perfect a stay to the backpackers.The list of the most popular one includes The Pod Hotel,The Pod Hotel,The Iroquois,The Michelangelo,Holiday Inn Manhattan Downtown and Crowne Plaza Times Square.

Manhattan is a perfect place for complete family fun.You can also plan your holidays to this place and to your fullest.

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