San Antonio - A Prominent Blend Of Culture,History And Beauty

The city of San Antonio is the third largest city of Texas and ranks seventh in United States of America. This place is considered as the most beautiful destinations which can be explored by the tourists during their vacations. This city of south central Texas is the site of the Alamo, several military bases and a popular haven for vacationers.
San Antonio
The axis of different natural terrains like the hills, lakes, green grasslands and southern plains offer picturesque sightseeing to the visitors. The major attractions of this place comprises of the amusement parks, fine museums, underwater aquariums, luxurious hotels and some great restaurants offering the best facilities to the holiday makers. The vibrant nightlife and diverse culture of this place makes it an ideal spot for vacations.

Reaching Here

The place is served by an international airport known as the San Antonio International Airport. This airport is served by all the major airlines linked to all the major cities of the world. An easy way of reaching this place is the regional airports located in the city offering services to and from the city.

Major Attractions

SeaWorld San Antonio

1. SeaWorld San Antonio

This park is one of the largest marine parks in the world.This place is worth a visit offering the sightseeing of the various marine animals like penguins,dolphins,sharks and sea lions.
You can feel the natural habitat of these animals.The park also features a pool and open spaces with water slides where the tourists can relax and enjoy the natural surroundings.You can also enjoy the thrilling rides across the water slides.

2. Cathedral of San Fernando

This Roman cathedral is located in the city center.This place is included in the National Records of historical places and is regarded as the mother of Archdiocese church located in the city.This place should not be missed by the visitors.

3. The Alamo

One of the most renowned historical monuments which display the frequent Mexican attacks in the countryside is the Alamo situated in Texas.The visitors can explore the ruins of the Long Barracks and the Chapel.This place is also facilitated by a museum which conserves the relics and the mementos of the Texas republic.

4. San Antonio Museum of Art

This is another museum of arts and crafts that showcases the collections of numerous artists from Latin America.There are also some exhibits of Greek,Egypt and Asia.This museum allows you to have some knowledge of the diverse culture and art of the ancient residents.

So, San Antonio serves as a perfect place for a delightful and relaxing holiday.You only have to make bookings in advance so that no inconvenience is faced by you during your trip.

Quebec City - Explore The Hidden Treasures Of This Charming City In Your Vacations

Quebec City one of the most charming cities located in Canada. It is situated to the east of Canada with Newfoundland and Labrador, Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island to its western region and Nunavut located to its south. This small and amazingly beautiful city is listed under the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Quebec City

The city is backed by picturesque landscapes as it is located on the cliffs. It showcases a perfect combination of French Heritage and Francophone Culture considered as its heart. The traditional festivals and outstanding culture of the city makes it a remarkable place for vacations.

Best Time To Visit

This place holds its natural glory in all the seasons allowing the visitors to visit all round the year. No matter it is summer, winter or spring, this place offers something to individuals of all ages. Winters provides an opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of adventurous activities like sledge riding, skiing and winter carnival while springs serve as the best season for sightseeing and exploring the museums and untouched beauty of this place.

Reaching Quebec

The main airport that offers regular flights to Quebec City is Jean Lesage International Airport. You can board the flights to this airport from Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Paris and New York.

Things to do and see

  • The scenic beauty of this place is at bloom during the winters with snow covered mountains and hill tops. You can also enjoy various games like skiing and snowboarding. You can find special areas for gaming in Stoneham Mountain and Mont-Sainte-Anne.
Mont Sainte Anne
  • The backpackers can have a snow bath, make snow palaces or castles, take an outstanding view of the night parades and have enormous enjoyment during the Winter Carnival.
  • Winters also provide an opportunity to have a memorable stay in an ice hotel. The best hotel that is considered as a masterpiece is Hotel De glace. This hotel is designed with ice and the visitors can have the pleasure of living in it.
  • You can also have lots of fun and entertainment during the various festival celebrations like International Festival of Military Bands, the Summer Festival and the Loto-Quebec International Fireworks Competition.


Quebec City offers a wide range of hotels providing a comfortable stay to the visitors. Some of the luxurious hotels include Le Saint-Gabriel, Le Clos des Brumes, Maison du Fort and Best Western Hotel Aristocrate. There are also some restaurants offering delicious traditional dishes of the city.

Quebec City is one of the most amazing cities with outstanding natural beauty and lots of fun content. So, if you are willing to go for holidays in the near future, it can serve as the best holiday destination for you.