An Exciting Holiday Tour To The Magical City Of Northumberland

Northumberland is really a magical county situated in the north eastern part of England and shares its borders with England and Scotland. It is considered as a rural country but a perfect holidaying place with its stunning natural beauty, astonishing walking areas, history and wide range of activities. This place is the home of spectacular castles, green Cheviot Hills and diverse National Parks.
The Northumberland Heritage Coast and remarkable sightseeing are the major attraction for the tourists. Planning a trip to this place offers lots of thrill and excitement.

Places To See

1. Wallington Hall
Wallington Hall

This Hall was built in the 17th century at Cambo. The hall reflects the ancient Victorian culture with fine plasterworks and porcelain. The interiors of the hall are decorated with the painted Murals which depict the history of Northumberland. This huge mansion is spread about in 100 acres of land consisting of the lakes and fine gardens.

2. Beamish Open Air Museum 
This is an amazing museum depicting the lives and working of the natives living in this place in early 1800s. The recreations in the open museum include the colliery village, manor house and a drift mine which are brought back to life by the actors in traditional costumes.

3. The Alnwick Garden 
The Alnwick Garden

This beautiful garden’s main attraction is the Grand Cascade which is a remarkable collection of the waterfalls and the fountains. This place was built by the duchess in Northumberland and is famous for the gardening which takes place at a large scale to preserve the exotic varieties of the plants. Other main gardens which can be visited include the Rose Garden, the Ornamental Garden, Serpent Garden and the Poison Garden.

Where to stay
Self-catering would be a perfect choice when on a holiday with your family. You can plan you day according to your wish and eat self cooked food or go to a restaurant. The holiday will be the best if you have your own privacy and can relax in peace. The various options which you can opt for a perfect stay are discussed below.

Holiday cottages 
Holiday cottages

The holiday cottages offer the guests with self catering comfortable stay along with the leisure facilities which you might receive in a luxurious hotel. The facilities are impressive including the swimming pools, spas, fitness centers, fishing and pony riding.

Breamish Valley Cottages
These cottages are located in the farmlands and in between the hills which offer spectacular sightseeing. These are also self catering cottages offering the facilities of hot tub, swimming pool, steam room and gymnasium.

The exciting accommodation and the beautiful castles and gardens attract the visitors towards itself. You can visit this place and explore the endless beauty of Northumberland.

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