Bundanoon – An Interesting Place Well Suited For Holidays

Bundanoon is an attractive village situated in the Southern Highlands. Known for its peaceful and intimate environment and European greenness, this place is full of natural wonderful scenery. This land is the home to diverse flora and fauna and allows the visitors an opportunity to explore them in their natural habitats. The Morton National Park is the major attraction of this place.
This park consists of some amazing paths and trails offering the facilities of hiking and bushwalking to the tourists.
This small place can easily be explored on foot. You can come across some exciting traditions and cultures of this place while interacting with the native residents.

Reaching Bundanoon
There is no direct flight to this place. The nearest airport is the Sydney airport which offers travelling facilities to the tourists from all over the world. The tourists can reach Sydney and then can take a bus or hire a car to reach Bundanoon. You can have lots of fun during the journey enjoying the picturesque beauty of the countryside.

Things to do and see

1. Morton National park
Morton National park

Morton National Park is the most visited place in Bundanoon. This site offers numerous adventures and hidden treasures which could be explored by you. This park consists of a flat plateau which is divided by the steep gorges.  There is a wide variety of flora and fauna with numerous species of wildflowers including the giant turpentine trees growing below the cliffs. You can have magnificent sightseeing of several birds including the hawks, eagles, lorikeets, cormorants, lyrebirds and the swamp parrot. The wildlife at this place is amazing and worth to explore.

2. Brigadoon Festival
This festival acquires the largest gathering and is based on the Scottish style and traditions. The festival offers lots of fun, music, dance and drinks to the guests. The visitors should become a part of this festival and enjoy the culture of the Scotland.

3. Solar Springs Health Retreat
Solar Springs Health Retreat

If you looking for some health retreat and place to relax, the solar springs health retreat is the best place you can go. This place offers the best spa with excellent services from experienced staff.

Where to stay
Bundanoon offers wide range of hotels to the tourists from which they can select the one fulfilling their requirements. Most of the hotels are beautifully designed with fine services and hospitality. The main hotels selected by the guests include Yallambee, Bundanoon Lodge, Morvern Valley Guesthouses, Idle A Wile and Treetops Country Guesthouse.

So, this was all regarding Bundanoon. This information might help you to a great extent, if you are planning your holidays to this place. A trip to this place will leave you with wonderful memories.

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