Canterbury – A Perfect Destination For History Buffs

Every country has its own history and culture that is unknown to the inhabitants of other countries. So, if you have interest in the historical aspects of different countries and love exploring them, you can select Canterbury as your next holiday destination. It is a historical Cathedral city located in England. This place offers a perfect blend of shore, city and countryside. The long stretched astonishing coastlines, serene beauty, picturesque landscapes and diverse cultural and historical heritage of this place will surely amaze you.
The surrounding hills, valleys and wood provide an opportunity to the visitors to explore this land and get to know the unknown aspects of this glorious countryside. Apart from the history, you can also enjoy on the stunning beaches of this place.

Reaching Here
Being a small city this place does not have its own airport but it is well connected to the world by the international airports like London Gatwick Airport and London Heathrow Airport. Another airport that offers flights to this place is Manston Airport.

Sites To Explore

1. Monkton Nature Reserve
Monkton Nature Reserve

This reserve is considered as the home to a wide array of butterflies and plants. The stunning beauty of this place is enhanced by two ponds located inside the reserve. This reserve protects the plants of about 350 varieties with 25 species of colorful butterflies. 

2. Canterbury Roman Museum
Canterbury Roman Museum

Located next to the Canterbury Cathedral is Canterbury Roman Museum and exhibits the impressive remains of Butchery Lane. It beautifully preserves the remains of the Roman town. A touch screen computer placed in the premises allows the individuals to test their skills. The area at the end of the museum showcases the exhibits of the archaeological skills of the Roman Empire.

3. Howletts Wild Animal Park
Howletts Wild Animal Park

This wild life park is an animal preserve that is spread in 450 acres of landscape. This park was established with the aim of preserving and breeding the endangered species of this region. You can have the sightseeing of some exotic animals like leopards, tigers, gorillas, Cape buffalo and black rhino in this park.

The visitors can find an accommodation that suites their budget and offers fine hospitality. Some of the top listed hotels of this place comprises of Ebury Hotel, Canterbury Cathedral Lodge, Howfield Manor Hotel, Abode Canterbury and The Falstaff Hotel.

Canterbury proffers remarkable architectural history, diverse wildlife and stunning coastlines that can be explored by the visitors during their visit. Planning your trip to this place will surely leave you with cherishing memories.

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