Coffs Harbour – Enjoy An Exciting Holiday Trip To The Land Of Bananas

Coffs Harbour is located on the coasts of New South Wales in Australia. This place is a perfect destination for holidays offering several delights to the visitors. This place is also known as the Big Banana as it the biggest producer of banana in Australia. This feature is reflected by the Big Banana Park established within the town. There are numerous historical and fun sites which can be explored by you during this trip. As it is located on the coast, it also offers some pristine beaches with lush greenery and picturesque landscapes.

Coffs Harbour
The stunning coasts also serve as the gateway to several water sports like swimming, fishing, boating, surfing and kayaking. Therefore, we can say that Coffs Harbour is an ultimate destination for vacations.

Reaching Coffs Harbour
The Coffs Coast airlines serve this place offering flights from all domestic as well as international levels. There are some other airlines also which offer scheduled flights to this place. These airlines include Qantas, Brindabella Airlines and Virgin Australia. The visitors can pot any of these services and get in here.

Major Attractions

1. The Big Banana
The Big Banana

This fun park is names after the city’s nick name The Big Banana. The whole park is designed in the banana theme with a huge banana statue placed at the center. This park offers pleasure walks across the banana crops and it is exciting viewing the huge bunches of banana hanging around the trees. There is also the world’s largest slide offering a thrill ride to the guests.

2. Mutton Bird Island
This unique island is a jewel of Coffs Harbour. The Island is the home to several exotic species of birds like the Mutton Bird and Wedge Tailed Shearwater. These birds live and breed in their natural habitat. We can say that this island is a reserve for these birds. A broad pathway runs across the island making it easier for the tourists to explore this place.

3. Dolphin watching tours
Dolphin watching tours

The sandy beaches present in this region offer a place to relax to the tourists. While relaxing the tourists can also have the magnificent views of the migrating whales in the months of June till the month of November. You can be lucky enough to spot some dolphins in this region.

There are several hotels in this region offering a comfortable stay to the guests with leisure facilities. Some of the hotels which come under the list of the best hotel include Kasuari Luxury Beach, Villa Vivante, Sapphire Seas Beachhouse, Opal Sands Villa, the Pacific Bay Resort and the Aanuka Beach Resort. You can also try The Baron of Beef Bistro Restaurant, known for its fine dining services.

In the above article we have discussed the major attractions and main features of Coffs Harbour. If you are about to go for holidays, do consider this place and enjoy your holidays.

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