Corsica - An Enchanting Island Exhibiting The Best Of Italy And France

Corsica is an island region located in southeastern regions of France and western region of Italy. This place is known for its pristine sandy beaches, rugged mountains, charming villages and picturesque landscapes. This place is rich in grapevine cultivation with exceptional grapevine yards.  The diverse fauna and marine life of this place can be explored in the marine reserves and nature parks located on this island. For all these stunning features this place is also known by the name of Island of Beauty.
The beautifully preserved flora and fauna of this island makes this place a real gem in the Mediterranean Sea. Therefore, it acquires a place in the list of tourist destinations of several holidaymakers.

Reaching Corsica
There are mainly four airports which serve this place. Airports of Ajaccio, Calvi, Figari and Bastia offer regular international and domestic flights from major countries all over the world.

Sites to visit

1. Scandola Nature Reserve and Girolata
Scandola Nature Reserve and Girolata

This natural reserve is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is situated on the Gulf of Giraolata and Porto. This place is accessible only via boat and features the spectacular rock formations which resulted due the activity of the volcano, sea and the wind. This reserve is also features some dramatic cliffs and coves which increase the beauty of the scenery.

2. Costa Serena
The coast of Serena is situated between Porto-Vecchio and Bastia. This beach boasts about the long stretched deserted sandy beaches and wide spread farmlands. The visitors can discover Bavella Mountains or go exploring the ancient remains of Roman town of Aleria.

3. Ajaccio

Ajaccio is the capital city of Corsica and offers something for every member of the family. The city consists of several museums, outdoor cafes, bakeries, restaurants and majestic beaches. No matter what are your interests, this place offers everything that fulfills your needs.

There are several accommodation options available to the tourists. The best ones they can go for comprises of the following.

Hotel Le Maquis
Hotel Le Maquis Beach Front

This hotel is located at the sea front providing the guests an opportunity to enjoy the sandy beaches and have the pleasure of the picturesque landscapes of this paradise. The lush green hillsides and beautiful mountains surround the hotel increasing the scenic beauty of the hotel. The architecture of this hotel is amazing with some ancient carvings in Mediterranean style.

Hotel and Spa des Pecheurs
This hotel is also among the best hotels at this place and offers fine hospitality to the guests with the extra facilities of spa and fitness center.

Read this article carefully and do plan a holiday trip to Corsica. This place will surely make your vacations an everlasting memory.

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