Cowra - An Australian Paradise Perfect For Vacations

There are several destinations across the globe which can prove to be the best for a holiday trip. So, it becomes really confusing in selecting a perfect destination while planning for vacations. If you are in a mood to go for holidays and are looking for a unique and outstanding destination, you can go exploring the city of Cowra. Cowra is a small town area in New South Wales, Australia.
This place boasts about its peaceful atmosphere and numerous attractions including arts, culture, entertainment, history, cuisine and recreation. This place is full of natural wonders which are reflected by several colorful gardens situated in the city.

How To Reach
The nearest airports which serve this place are located in Orange, Bathurst and Parkes which are served by flights from Sydney. The tourists can reach Sydney and take any of these flights to reach their destination.

Major Attractions

1. World Peace Bell
World Peace Bell

Cowra has been awarded the World Peace Bell due to its important contribution in the international understanding and world peace. This bell is kept in the Cowra Civic Square. Decorated with the pottery tiles the Pavilion reflects the ideas of the community towards world peace. There is an audio recording played at the bell which tells the significance of the bell in Cowra.

2. Japanese gardens
Your visit to Cowra is incomplete if you miss visiting the Japanese gardens.  It is the main cultural center and an award winning garden. This garden is beautifully decorated with the manicured hedges, rolling hills, designer fountains and ponds. This unique garden is a symbol of trust and good will and encourages peace. You can relax and enjoy the beauty of the landscapes experiencing the cultural and spiritual significance.

3. The Rose Garden
The Rose Garden

This is a beautiful garden established in 1988. You can have the pleasure of seeing about thousands of varieties of rises. The beautiful flowers make this place a paradise which can be visited by you.

You can find a wide range of accommodation facilities in Cowra. There are various hotels nestled in between the beautiful landscapes of the city offer the best services to the guests. They also offer the best cuisines and self catering services. You can also spot the extra facilities of fitness center with large swimming pools. Some of the best hotels in this area comprises of The Australian Hotel, Cowra Hotel, Imperial Hotel, Lachlan Hotel, Lachlan Valley Hotel Motel and the Railway Hotel.

The detailed information and pleasures of Cowra serves to be the best holiday destination. Here you can have lots of fun enjoying the natural wonders.

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