Poconos – Explore The Natural Beauty Of Pennsylvania During Your Holidays

Poconos is an amazing mountainous region full of numerous surprises and pleasure. This place is beautifully nestled inn between the lakes, green mountains, waterfalls and the dense forests. The eye catching natural scenery of this place attracts several visitors towards this place all round the year. You can also visit this place during your holidays and explore the hidden treasures that are yet not revealed.
The mountains also offer some of the best lodging facilities with the delicious cuisine that will definitely make your trip a wonderful experience.

Time To Visit
October is the best time to visit this place as it offers the favorable time to enjoy several thrilling activities like hiking, biking and adoring the natural beauty of this place. If you like to play in the ice and enjoy you can also visit this place in the month of January. During this month the mountains are covered with snow that is perfect for ice skating and skiing.

Main Attractions
  • The visitors who love thrill and adventure can enjoy the activities like hiking, camping and trekking. The Hickory Run State Park is of the best spots for hiking.
    Hickory Run State Park  
    These activities also offer you an opportunity to have the pleasure of enjoying the spectacular scenery of the beautiful landscapes.
  • The guess can also visit the Clayton Park Area that is located beside the Lake Henry. This place is best for enjoying the activities like boating and fishing. The visitors can also go exploring the diverse wildlife of this region in this park.
  • This place also possesses the world’s best casinos which reflect the stunning night-life of this place. You can also go in one of the best ones and try your luck. The best known casinos of this place are the Mount Airy and the Mohegan Sun.
    Clayton Park Area 
  • If you are visiting this place in the winter season you can enjoy some snow activities like skiing. The snow covered Alpine Mountains, Big Bear and Blue Mountains are the best ones for this activity.

Eating and Lodging
This mountain country offers some of the best hotels that provide fine staying facilities to the guests. Most of the hotels are known for their special welcome of the guests with a friendly staff. You can also find some restaurants offering delicious food which can be enjoyed by you with your family members. Danny’s Fettuccine Bar is a well known restaurant and attracts the ones who love Italian food.

So, this was all about the mountain city of Poconos. Make sure you make all your bookings in advance before visiting this place. Enjoy your trip to Pocono and have a great time.

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