Salisbury – Explore The History Of This Cathedral City During Your Vacations

UK is considered as the home-town of various cathedral cities that have a rich history. One such city that can be the best holiday vacation for the history buffs is Salisbury. This city is the home of glory and peace and provides inspiration to the tourists as well as pilgrims. It is also designated as the second largest worshipping area in Wiltshire, England. There is so much that can be explored by the history lovers.
The major attractions of this place include historical monuments, the Stonehenge, pristine gardens and museums with rich history and diverse culture. 

Getting in
This place is served by two airports, London Heathrow Airport and the London Gatwick Airport. These airports provide an easy access to this place and are situated close to this place. The regional airports that serve this place include Southampton Airport, Bristol International Airport and Bournemouth Airport. 

Places to explore

1. Salisbury Cathedral
Salisbury Cathedral

This is the oldest church of this cathedral city and is known as the worship place of Blessed Virgin Mary. The remarkable and unique architecture of this church beautifully represents the rich and traditional art of this place. Exploring this church will let you explore the exotic wooden carvings.

2. Salisbury Zoo
Salisbury Zoo

This zoological park is the best place for kids as well as adults as you can have a look at the exotic varieties of animals of this region. There are about 110 species of animals in this zoo which include flamingos, American alligators, ocelots, jaguars, Patagonian Cavys, turtles, Andean bear and owls. You can also enjoy the sightseeing of the picturesque beauty of this place.

Howard’s House Hotel and Beechfield House Hotel rank at the top most position and offer outstanding accommodation and lodging facilities to the guests.

1. Howard’s House Hotel
This hotel is known for its antique architecture and gourmet restaurants offering delicious food to the visitors. The beautiful gardens and big rooms with all comforts offer a comfortable stay to the guests.

2. Beechfield House Hotel
Beechfield House Hotel

This hotel is located in the heart of the city providing easy access to all the main attractions of Salisbury. This hotel is not less than a gem with colorful and decorative gardens, uniquely designed interiors and traditional food. It also offers additional facilities of fire places and pool to the guests.

Salisbury is rich in history and is worth exploring. The individuals having interest in culture and history of different places often visit this place to collect the important historical facts of this city. The peaceful atmosphere of this place also allow the visitors to rest in peace and enjoy their vacations.

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