Salvador – An Exotic Destination For Your Holidays

Salvador is an old charming city located in the Bahia, Brazil. This place is listed in the World Heritage Site and is known for its rich culture, tradition, carnivals and vibrant music. The city offers lots of excitement to the guests.
You can visit this place and feel the pleasure of sightseeing the picturesque beauty of the sandy beaches and friendly atmosphere. The main attractions of this place comprises of the Brazilian culture and the traditional cuisine which is rich in delicious sea food. 

Getting to Salvador
The Deputado Luis Eduardo Magalhaes International Airport located in this region is the main airport which serves this place. This airport offers all the international and domestic services from all over the globe and hence provides the visitors an easy access to this place.

Main Attractions

1. Jorge Amado Museum
Jorge Amado Museum

This museum is considered as the home of a famous Brazilian writer Casa do Jorje Amado. This place is worth a visit and you can see a huge collection of the writer that is exhibited by the museum. There is also a store at the bottom of the museum which consists of numerous books based on literature and hence the writers great contribution in this field.

2. The Carnival
The most entertaining and exciting events of this city is the carnival that is held here every year. The carnival showcases the events like parades, dance, music, entertainment and much more. You can also become part of this festival and enjoy several activities during the event. This carnival is known for its cultural displays all over the world.

3. Our Lady of the Rosary of Black People
Our Lady of the Rosary of Black People

This amazing site is known for its beautiful style and amazing architecture. This is one of the oldest churches located in the city. The main feature of this church is that it was build by the blacks inhabiting this place in the past.

The visitors can easily find a wide range of hotels in the city. The best luxurious hotels of this place offer the facilities of Jacuzzis and swimming pools. The hotels included in the list of the best ones comprises of Hotel Casa do Amarelindo, Aguas Brasil Villa Retreat Hotel, Pousada Casa Vila Bela, Villa Bahia and Aram Yami Hotel.

In the above article we have discussed several amazing features of Salvador. If you are planning your vacations to this place, this article would offer you a great help. You can surely visit this place and enjoy the delights offered by this place.

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