Westminster – Enjoy A Historical And Informative Holiday Tour

Westminster is a historical city located in the heart of London and occupies most of the parts of England. It is surrounded by ancient buildings from all sides and hence is considered as the home to several historical monuments. This city is the home to several historical monuments including 10 Downing Street, the Houses of Parliament and the Houses of Parliament. Another major attraction of this place is the Palace Of Westminster where the two parliament houses of United Kingdom meet.
These houses of parliament include the House of Lords and the House of Commons.

Reaching This Place
The major airports that connect this place to the outer world include the Heathrow Airport, London Biggin Hill Airport and the London City Airport. The centralized location of this place makes it easy for the visitors to reach this place. Apart from the airways, the guests can also reach in here by either taking a bus or enjoying the scenic beauty via cruise.


1. Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is a renowned historical monument exhibiting an amazing piece of architecture. It is the residence of Queen Elizabeth II. Other residences comprises of the Sandringham House and the Balmoral Castle.

2. Palace of Westminster
Palace of Westminster

This Palace is listed under the UNSECO World Heritage site and is also known by the name of Houses of Parliament. This building has undergone reconstruction in the 19th century due to fire and reflects a perfect example of Victorian neo-Gothic architecture. Visiting this place allows you to have a view of the Lords Stranger Gallery, Clock tower and the Westminster Hall.

3. Tate Britain
Tate Britain

This place exhibits a huge collection of amazing art work by Turner and relics of British culture and art. Yu can also become a part of the renowned exhibition that is held in the month of October and lasts till January. The main attraction of this exhibition is the Turner’s Prize.

4. Whitehall
The Whitehall is beautifully located in between the Parliament Square and the Trafalgar Square. You can spot various British administrative buildings here. The Downing Street lies to this west and towards its east is the Banqueting Hall.

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Westminster is a historical place and you can gain enough knowledge by exploring the several historical places during your visit to this place.

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