Winchester – An Ideal Destination For Relaxing Holidays

Winchester is the ancient capital city of England with the most beautiful historical buildings, which represent the prestigious past of UK. The attractive heritage city proffers the visitors with an array of cultural and historical sites. It also includes a superb collection of restaurants and tranquil of green spaces. Winchester Cathedral is the main attraction of the place, considered to be the longest Cathedral among the European nations.
The city also offers a wide variety of high quality and centrally located accommodation facilities which caters for the luxurious holidays in UK.

Best Time For Holidays
The months of March, July and December are considered to be the best time for planning a vacation to this place. You can have lots of fun during this time.

Reaching Winchester
There are various airports which serve this place and provide the visitors an easy way to reach here. The London Heathrow Airport, considered to be one of the largest airports offers flights to the major destinations for holidays. Some other airports which connect to this place include Southampton Airport, London Gatwick Airport and the Bournemouth Airport. 

Places to see

1. Winchester Cathedral
Winchester Cathedral

The place is famous all over the world for its remarkable hidden treasures like The Jane Austen’s Tomb, Anthony Gormley’s Sound II and the Winchester Bible. The Cathedral is also a spot for some exciting concerts like the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra during summers.

2. The Great Hall and King Author’s Round Table
The Great Hall and King Author’s Round Table

The Great Hall is the only left behind part of the Winchester Castle, a striking site to explore. It is considered to be the home of the legendary Round Table. Visiting this place can help you getting aware of the architectural feature of this place.

3. The Westgate
It is one of the gateways of medieval times which used to serve as a prison for the debtor’s. The place is a masterpiece with beautiful graffiti carvings on the walls and floors. The displays here include a collection of measures and weights, and you can also view the scenic beauty of the city from the rooftop.

4. Winchester Chamber Music Festival
The Discovery Chamber is the venue for the festival, which displays a great combination of the chamber songs and music. The program is presented by one of the most brilliant and exciting chamber groups of Britain.

Lainston House Hotel

There are many hotels in the city which offer you with all the required facilities. The various hotels you can check include South Winchester Lodges, Lainston House Hotel and Holiday Inn Winchester etc, perfect for minor breaks during the trip.

The above discussed places make Winchester a great option for a vacational tour to UK, where you can go and have fun.

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