A Fantastic Honeymoon Trip To The City Of Hampstead

Hampstead is a place centrally located in London with several attractive historical buildings and magnificent relaxing spaces of Hampstead Health. It is one of the most gorgeous hilltop hideaways and the scenic beauty between the High gate and the Hampstead village is stunning. With all these features the place serves as one of the best destinations for the couples.
This place is a wonderful mix of picturesque countryside, cosmopolitan shops and fabulous restaurants.Read this article carefully and you can easily find out the various astonishing features of this place where you can visit during your honeymoon trip.

Main Attractions

1. Hampstead Parish Church
Hampstead Parish Church

It is a lovely building which also consists of a graveyard. The place attracts a number of tourists as it contains the graves of some notable personalities such as Sir John Constable (artist), Kay Kendall (actress), Hugh Gaitskell and many other members of du Maurier Family.

2. Hampstead Health
This place is an amazing and beautiful wooded grassland area which offers a lot of open air. It is one of the largest urban parks of the world and a calm place. Here you can enjoy an early morning walk and feel fresh air in the park.

3. The Hampstead Heath
It is a large place consisting of some stunning adorable places. The major ones include the Bathing Ponds, The Golders Hill Park, The Hill Garden and Pergola and the Kenwood House. You can observe the beauty of the park which consists of various restored species of plants such as timber pergola. The place is also the home of various varieties of roses, clematis, honeysuckle and various wines.

4. The Waterlow Park
The Waterlow Park

It is considered to be a jewel amongst all the parks consisting of the stunning landscapes, mature trees, hills, a walled garden, tennis courts and playgrounds. You can have a romantic and quality time with your partner in the lap of nature.

Eating and lodging
Palm Hotel

The city offers good series of hotels suitable for almost all budgets. While on a honeymoon trip you can opt for a luxurious one equipped with all the facilities which make your trip fabulous. Some of the best hotels include Stead Hotel, Palm Hotel, Swiss Cottage Hotel and many more. These hotels also provide good dining facilities and you can also spot other restaurants best known for their specialties.

The several impressive features make this place as one of the best locations for your honeymoon. Make sure you plan a visit to Hampstead and have a rocking honeymoon.

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