Have A Rocking Holidays In The City Of Truro

Truro is a cathedral city located in Cornwall. It is also the capital city of Cornwall.  As this place is a cathedral city it is the home of various beautiful churches which host different festivals and choirs. This place is also the best destination for the food lovers. There are a wide variety of restaurants, cafes and bistros. The city also offers a thrilling nightlife in addition to musical performances.
City Of Truro
Some of the major attractions include the Truro Cathedral, Royal Cornwall Museum, Skinners Brewery and the Poppy Cottage Garden.

How to reach

The main airport of Cornwall is the Newquay Airport, located about a 12 miles from Truro. This is the only major airport which serves this place and offers scheduled flights from different regions across the world. The visitors can also adopt the waterways to reach this place. Along the Rivers Fal and Truro, there is a place which offers boat services. This route can also be adopted to reach in here.

Major Attractions

1. Poppy Cottage Garden
Poppy Cottage Garden

This is a really beautiful garden full of picturesque landscapes and colorful flowers. The visitors can enjoy a family picnic at this place as it offers wide open grounds. The clever combinations used during the planting of the tress add to the beauty of this place.

Truro Cathedral
2. Truro Cathedral
This beautiful church was built in the nineteenth century and is the worship place of Blessed Virgin Mary. The architecture of the church reflects the ancient Gothic style of designing.  It is the one of the best church of this place.

3. Royal Cornwall Museum
Royal Cornwall Museum

This Cornwall museum is a spacious and well maintained place which exhibits a lot on geology and environment. The main attraction of this place is a real mummy which is placed upstairs and reflects the Egyptian culture. The adjacent Arts Cafe is a lovely place to have a break and eat there.


Truro is the home to several four and five star hotels along with self catering cottages. There are also mid range hotels which offer fine facilities to the guests. You can easily find a suitable and comfortable stay for yourself as this place is suitable for all budgets. Some of the best hotels in Truro include the Mannings Hotel, Bar and Restaurant, the Nare Hotel and the Polgwedhen Farm. All these hotels offer big rooms with unique furniture and beautiful gardens.

Truro also offers some of the best dining facilities in the area. Some of these dining areas include Top Mast Cafe, Montano’s Restaurant and Adrian’s Restaurant. The city also offers vibrant nightlife with lots of clubs and bars.The several attractions of Truro make it a rocking place for vacations. Planning a trip here would be loads of fun.

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