Bennington – Explore The Rich Cultural Heritage On Your Honeymoon Trip

Bennington is a small town situated in the southern part of Vermont, United States.  This place is famous for its rich culture, natural beauty and picturesque landscapes of the trees turning from red to golden. All these attractive features make this place a perfect honeymoon destination for the newlyweds. Bennington Battle Monument is the tallest historical building of this place and a major attraction for the couples and the photographers.
The outstanding beauty of the forests and parks leaves you speechless. This place also offers the finest maple syrups in the world.

Reaching Bennington
Reaching this place is easy and comfortable. The closest airport which serves this place is in Albany.  The couples can reach this place through various airlines offering the service and then opt for buses or trains to reach in here.

Best time to visit
The month of September is considered to be the best time to visit this place. It is this time when there is a bloom in the gardens with the trees turning their leaves from red to golden. The scenic beauty in this month is awesome and the city is less crowded which offers couples to find isolated areas to spend quality time with each other without any disturbances.

Places to visit

1. The Bennington Battle Monument
The Bennington Battle Monument

It is one of the tallest monuments of this place and is a historic site which represents the famous battle fought at this place. Being the tallest building it attracts a large number of tourists. The couples can visit this place and get to know the history of Bennington.

2. Bennington Museum
The Bennington Museum is the home of the rich art and culture of this place. The museum carefully preserves the heritage of the city and the sculptures and paintings by some famous artists of Vermont. It also has a collection of the antique pottery made at this place.

3. Green mountains
Green mountains

The Green Mountains is the best known site for hiking. You can go hiking with your spouse on the slopes of these mountains which are covered with greenery. The trip would be adventurous and lots of fun.

Autumn Inn

Bennington offers the best services and lodging facilities for the couples. The newlyweds can easily find a romantic stay for themselves. The hotels proffer beautifully decorated rooms with balcony and spacious gardens. The locations of these hotels provide you an easy passage to the major attractions of this city. The best hotels include the Paradise Motor Inn and The Autumn Inn.

The beautiful places of Bennington from ponds to the rich cultural sites make it the best romantic destination for couples. Do plan your honeymoon trip to this place and have cherishing memories.

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