Chester – Explore The Untouched Treasures Of This Place During Your Vacations

If you are a holidaying enthusiast, you might be in search for some fantastic destinations that top the list of holiday destinations. One of the best destinations that have even left the most beautiful city, Venice behind is Chester. This place is an attractive and beautiful small town located beside the River Dee. This place offers amazing views of the landscapes, breathtaking monuments, magnificent gardens, rich culture, huge and spectacular mountains and much more that can offer you ultimate fun experience.
You can explore the hidden secrets and untouched beauty of this placed in your upcoming vacations.

Things to do and see

1. Chester Cathedral
Chester Cathedral

It is one of the buildings of historical importance and is the national treasure of the city. The church is beautifully carved with ancient carvings including the spectacular, stained glasses, gothic columns and wooden carvings. Designed by the skilled artists of the place years ago, this place is worth a visit during your trip.

2. Chester Zoo
Chester Zoo

Ranking among the top notch animal reserves all over the world, this zoo is the home to a wide number of animal species. You will see some rare elephant species in here and also a cave that is the place where the bats reside freely. This place offers you sightseeing of almost 8000 animal species including the exotic species which are rarely seen.

3. Grosvenor Park
Grosvenor Park

Designed in a Victorian layout, this park boasts a classic view and hence catches the attraction of visitors from all round the world. This theme park is beautifully designed with well maintained parks, ornamental shrubs, large green and clean lawns, colorful flowers etc. which make this place a good option to relax. As it is situated near River Dee, you can also enjoy the picturesque landscapes from the park.

Accommodation is not an issue when you are in Chester. You can find the best choice in terms of apartments, hotels and lodges within your budget. The top ranking hotels here which are known for their hospitality include The Chester Grosvenor, Green Bough Hotel, Mickle Trafford Manor and the Commercial Bar. These hotels also provide additional facilities like spa and also health care facilities.

If you wish to have something exciting and memorable, Chester can be a marvelous destination for you. The landscapes are really amazing and provide a feel of a paradise. Do plan a visit to this place and make all the arrangement prior to your travel so that you can have ultimate fun.

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