Discover The Amazing Pleasures Of The Mahe Island During Your Vacations

Mahe is one of the most popular and largest islands in Seychelles. It contributes about ninety percent of the population of the country. Its lush mountain forests with large granite peaks, national monuments, remarkable Creole houses, national reserves and breathtaking landscapes proffer lots of pleasure to the tourists. Several adventures and excursions will take you to the delights of enjoying some water sports.
Mahe Island
Whether you are looking for a place to hike or calm place to relax you can find privacy and space easily on this island. The rich vegetation and diverse fauna can also be explored by you.

Reaching here

There are generally two ways to reach Mahe Island. You can either adopt airways or look forward to waterways. The island is served by light helicopters and aircraft. Ferries also operate between Praslin and Mahe and also between La Digue and Praslin.

Major attractions

1. Botanical garden
Botanical garden

This botanical garden is a must see site for the visitors, located in the Victoria City. The garden is well kept and spread in over 15 acres of land. This place is the home of several native flowers and the Coco de Mer.  The best attraction of this garden is the giant tortoise park where you can spot some rare species of tortoises. 

2. Victoria Clock tower
The Victoria Clock Tower is a historical site in Seychelles. This landmark is considered as one of the most important not to be missed by the visitors. The clock placed at the top of the tower resembles the London clock that was erected in 1897.

3. Aldabra Atoll
aldabra atoll

Aldabra Atoll is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the second largest coral island in the world. In this atoll there are several giant tortoises that can generally be seen feeding on the grass. This place is famous among the adventure lovers as it offers the facilities of snorkeling and scuba diving. Sightseeing of tiger sharks and migrating birds is also prominent in this region.

4. Flora and fauna
Mahe Island is a treasure of some rare and diverse flora and fauna. In addition to the attractive hibiscus, frangipani, tropical fruit trees and bougainvillea, there are spectacular endemic jewels including the Jellyfish. You can find a wide variety of plants from pitcher plant and orchid trees to ferns and mosses.

Mahe Island offers numerous delights and fun experiences to the visitors, thus making this place a unique and perfect holiday destination. You can also plan your trip to this place and have relishing experiences.

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