Discover The Historic Riverside Town Of Savannah During Your Holidays

Holidays are the best way to take a break from the regular busy life and relax in a calm and quiet place. Some people take a holiday trip to have some adventures and lots of entertainment. If you are also planning for such a trip and want to have an excellent time, you can plan your trip to Savannah. There are lots of fascinating things offering something for everyone.

From the oldest museums, amazing architecture to relaxed sightseeing and ghost tours, this place is a well known place as a holiday destination. Also the deep routed cultures and the stunning facts of the history results this place as a must see destination. 

Get In
Savannah/Hilton Head Island International Airport is the main airport located in the historic district of Savannah. The airport is beautifully designed with glass covered squares along with the benches and shops providing comfortable journey to the tourists.  This airport offers an easy access to this place.

Major Attractions

1. Forsyth Park
Forsyth Park

This park is considered as one of the oldest and largest park in Savannah. There is beautiful fountain located at the center of the park which decorates the park and increases its beauty. The majestic beauty of this park is awesome which can be viewed by the visitors relaxing at the benches under the oak trees.

2. Bonaventure Cemetery
This place is considered under the various ghost tours provided by the city.  This mesmerizing graveyard is a must visit place due to the intricate beautiful funeral statues including the famous statue of a six years old girl.

3. Telfair Museums
Telfair Museums

The Telfair Museum is the oldest museum of public arts. It presents a huge collection of European and American paintings, crafts and sculptors. This museum is broadly categorized into three parts. The first one is the Telfair Academy of Arts and Sciences which is a National Historic site, the second one being the Owens-Thomas House and the third part known as the Jepson Center for the Arts. These three sections of the museum serve as a preserve for ancient collections of utmost importance.

4. River Street
The river street is located at the banks of the Savannah River. This street is always crowded with people enjoying the spectacular views of the river and the surroundings. The city is at its sweetest with the cobblestone streets, open restaurants and oak trees adding to its scenic beauty.

Consider this beautiful place while planning for a holiday trip. Savannah is going to offer you some remarkable experiences for your lifetime. 

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