Discover The Rich History And Unique Architecture Of Burgundy In Your Vacations

Burgundy is one of the most charming regions in France, often considered as the Land of fine art and living. The life here goes on at a relaxing pace offering healthy environment to the visitors to relax and enjoy the pleasures proffered by this place. The place has a rich architecture with remarkable castles, buildings and churches. It also offers some picturesque landscapes with natural beauty of forests and lakes.
There are also some perfect spots where you can enjoy some interesting sports and go for fishing or riding. The best specialty and major attraction of this place is wine. Therefore, this place gains a prestigious place in the world for its lush vineyards and fine cuisine.

Getting In
Burgundy does not possess any commercial airport of its own. However, the tourists can reach this place by Paris airports serving the northern regions of this place and the Lyon St. Euxpery Airport serving the southern regions of Burgundy. 

Places To Explore

1. Chateau d’Arcelot
Chateau d’Arcelot

This chateau was the first chateau build in neoclassical style in Burgundy. This castle was designed by Dumorey and boasts about the beautifully crafted unique Grand Salon and the magnificent gardens. The tourists can look forward towards guided tours to this place and view some amazing sites related to history.

2. Abbaye de Fontenay
Considered as one of the oldest monasteries in Europe, this Cistercian Abbey was founded in 1118. The outstanding Roman architecture of this place still holds its importance and beauty. The several sections of this place consist of dormitory, church, council room, cloister and forge. Several cultural activities are also organized from time to time at this Abbey.

3. Parc de Boutissaint
Parc de Boutissaint

This beautiful park is spread across 400 hectares of land. This park is the home to about four hundred animals including wild boar, deer, mouflons and bison.

4. Arcy-sur-Cure-Les Grottes
This collection of caves ate considered as the most prehistoric site of Burgundy. These caves are located at the Cure River and contain some marvelous paintings displaying the animals living in this region at that time. You can also see the hand imprints of the native inhabitants of the caves. Guided tours are also available to this place.

So, this was all with respect to Burgundy. You can also plan your trip to this place and have the outstanding pleasures of discovering the history and spectacular architecture of this place. This place has a lot to offer to the visitors with best cuisine and remarksable wines. So, consider this place while thinking of a holiday trip and enjoy to the fullest.

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