Discover The Wealth Of Puerto Rico Island During Your Vacations

Puerto Rico is an island filled with natural beauty and wonderful treasures that can be discovered by you during your holiday trip. This Caribbean island is famous among the tourists for its spectacular beaches, lush rainforests, Spanish architecture, ancient fortress and museums. The warm waters of the sea also offer adventurous water sports like scuba diving, kayaking and surfing. There are some well known sites for hiking.
Puerto Rico Island
The Camuy’s cave is the best attraction of the island and is considered as a paradise for the explorers. Alternatively the tourists can have the pleasure of whale watching, horse riding and snorkeling. 

Reaching Here
The main airport of the island is the Munoz Marin International Airport situated in Carolina close to San Juan. Other airports which serve this place include Jet Blue, Spirit and the Continental. These airports offer services to smaller airports in the city.

Best Time To Visit
The months from December to April are considered as the peak season when this island is crowded with visitors. These months offer favorable weather and warm climate which allows the tourists to explore this place in the best possible manner. If you want to visit this place in a calm atmosphere visit this island in the starting and ending of the peak season. 

Sites To Explore

1. El Yunque National Forest
El Yunque National Forest

This national rain forest is located a few miles away from San Juan. The tourist can enjoy a walk in these lush tropical forests and explore the diverse and abundant flora of this place. You can also go hiking on the several trails which include walking on the paths along with some difficult climbs. The forest also comprises of some magnificent waterfalls offering the guests to sit and relax in the lap of nature.

2. Camuy cave system
Camuy cave system

This huge cave system is considered as the third largest caves in the world. A tour through these caves leads you to deep and underground subterranean ravines. You can also have the adventures of diving in the deep sea with mud playing and much more.

3. Guanica Biosphere Reserve
Guanica Biosphere Reserve

This bioreserve is located on the southwestern coast of the island. Spread in over 9,900 acres of land this place offers several seaside delights. You can have an interaction with the bullfrogs, hummingbirds and other rare species.

Lodging And Eating
There are several accommodating options from which the visitors can make their selection according to their budget and taste. You can also taste the traditional food of this island which includes pork as a major food.

So, consider this place while making grounds for a holiday trip. come here and enjoy to the fullest.

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