Dorset – A Fun Loving Destination Perfect For Vacations

Dorset is located on the southern coast of England and is considered as one of the most popular holiday destination among the tourists. This place has a lot to offer to each and every member of the family. From the rolling hillsides, picturesque landscapes, indiscriminate beaches to the bustling towns this place is a country of magnificent beauty and lots of fun. The quiet and calm environment allows you rest in peace at the stunning beaches at the seaside.
This place is also known for its holiday cottages which serve as the best accommodating options to the guests.

Reaching Here
The Bournemouth International Airport is the only international airport which serves this place and offers flights from several cities all over the world. The other airports which serve this place include the Bristol Airport and the Southampton Airport. The tourists can make bookings in any of these flights and reach their destination.

Major Attractions

1. Adventure Wonderland
Adventure Wonderland

This landscaped park is spread in over seven acres of land. This park is full of fun and delights with high roller coaster offering thrilling rides to spacious playgrounds offering a place to enjoy a picnic and relax in the lap of nature. The tourists can enjoy the Giant jumbo rides, caterpillar train, and caucus race enjoying in the park. They can also get an opportunity to meet Alice and other cartoon characters in this park.

2. Oceanarium

This underwater oceanarium is an award winning aquarium offering spectacular sites to the tourists. The mysterious underwater kingdom is worth exploring. You can have an encounter with the stunning sharks, sea turtles, colorful clown fishes and octopus. This amazing site should not be missed by you.

3. Highcliffe Castle
Highcliffe Castle

This magnificent building is considered as a Grade I site exhibiting the remarkable architecture of the artists. This building was built in 1830 and incorporates stunning medieval picturesque scenery with outstanding stone work. This place also serves as a venue for several exhibitions, outdoor events and concerts.

The tourists can make their choice from a wide variety of hotels offering several amenities and charm to their guests. These hotels offer a perfect stay to relax and have a break. These hotels are a gift to the tourists visiting this place. Some of the fine ones comprises of the Christchurch Harbour Hotel, Abbots House, Summer Lodge, Avalon Beach Hotel and The Connaught Hotel. If you wish to have some more fun and privacy you can also go for the self catering cottages. These cottages are popular among the visitors.

The spectacular scenery and fun content offered by Dorset is the reason of its popularity among the holidaymakers. You can also have the miraculous experiences of this place, just plan your holiday trip and visit this place.

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