Enhance Your Romance At The Trinidad And Tobago Islands

Honeymoon is a perfect time for love making and enhancing the intimacy between the couples. Therefore, the honeymooners look for a place offering extreme pleasure to them. There are several locations all over the make from which a selection has to be made. This process is really confusing and requires a lot of research. If you are undergoing the same perplexed situation we are here to help you. In this article we are going to discuss the islands of Trinidad and Tobago located at the eastern ends of Venezuela, considered as one of the most romantic locations.
Trinidad And Tobago Islands
This place is not much famous for its delights, hence the island is enveloped with some untouched natural treasures which can be explored by you during your trip. There are several beaches surrounding the island. Relaxing and sightseeing at the secluded beaches of this region and discovering the rich architecture can be a pleasure for you.

Reaching Here
There is an international airport located in Trinidad by the name of Piarco International Airport. This airport offers direct services from several major cities of the world. There is another international airport in Tobago known as Arthur Napoleon Raymond Robinson International Airport but this airport offers only limited services.

Major Attractions

1. Caroni Bird Sanctuary
Caroni Bird Sanctuary

This bird sanctuary is most loved and stands on the top list of the bird lovers. The couples can go exploring this bird sanctuary and have the sightseeing of several varieties of birds resting in their nests. You can also see the national bird of this region – the Scarlet ibis. Take care of the clothing while visiting this place as the mosquitoes here are dangerous.

2. Tobago Heritage Festival
This is a heritage festival held annually in this island. The celebrations take place in the last week of July and the first week of August. The couples can enjoy endless fun, music, dance, food and traditional culture. This theme of this festival is based on the past traditions and rituals of this island.

3. Bucco Reef and the nylon pool
Bucco Reef and the nylon pool

The north coast of Tobago is the home of Bucco Reef. The couples can go for Glass Bottom Boat tours from Store Bay and Pigeon Point. There is a nylon pool and it is named so because of the shallow water on the reef top. The crystal clear waters provide a clear view of the natural wonders.

The amazing features and unspoiled beauty of Trinidad And Tobago Island offer ultimate fun and excitement to the couples. So, do plan your honeymoon to this island and have a remarkable honeymoon trip.

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