Enjoy The Most Unique And Longest Christmas Celebration In Boracay Island

If you want to enjoy the Christmas celebration more than ever and for longest time then visit Boracay Island in Philippines. It is a widely known fact that Christmas celebrations longs for more days in Philippines compared to any other place in the world. Though the island is known for its nightlife, parties and good food but during Christmas the celebration fever reaches its peak.
Boracay Island
In Boracay, You will see that the celebration of Christmas is kicked only after the Halloween unlike the traditional urban areas where the malls and shops are decorated. You will see the parties running and people immersed in the joy of Christmas after Halloween. But the island still keeps a tight hold on its tradition and the festival is celebrated in the traditional style of the island by the community.

Make a wish through Novena
Here the Christmas celebration takes off from December 16th. In the morning the folk gathers in the church for Misa de Gallo in Spanish or Simbang Gabi in Filipino. Those Catholics who are strictly the follower of the religion gather in the church from as early as 4 am to attend these prayers.
Simbang Gabi
Some attend the first mass and the religiously inclined people complete their early ninth mass. This mass is given the name of the Novena. The general belief behind performing the Novena is that the god fulfills a wish when the devotee offers the prayer. If you are a highly religious person then you can visit the island and have the chance to make a wish and take part in the holy prayer.

Savor Bibingka and Puto
Bibingka and Puto

After offering prayers to the god, people start celebrating Christmas on the island by decorating their shops, restaurants, bars, stores and houses. You will come across many hotels and small shops on the roadside that sell the special food items during the days of the festival. The most loved special food on the island is bibingka and puto. Elsewhere, in the Philippines the combination of these foods is set with salabat or ginger tea but it is hard to find these items here in this island so the natives serve the food with coffee, instant or brewed. 

Exotic Night Parties
Don’t miss the parol among the other lights and lamps as they are the traditional lamps of the Philippines. You will see the most exotic parties on this beach which will be full of dance, music and energy. Along with that the beautiful resorts and restaurants carry their own special menu for the Christmas where you will get the chance to taste some of the best delicacies.

So, enjoy the most unique celebration of Christmas on this island.

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