Enjoy Your Honeymoon Exploring The Hidden Treasures And Adventures Of Dominica Island

Dominica Island is located in between The North Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. This Caribbean island country is also called as the Nature Island of Caribbean due to its amazing natural wonders and picturesque scenic views. The unspoiled beauty, preserved culture, sparkling waterfalls, volcanic peaks and underwater springs make this place a paradise and perfect for romance. All these features provide the couples with an opportunity to relax in the lap of nature and spend some quality time with their partners.
Dominica Island
If you love adventures and thrill, this island country offers several exciting sites for hiking, diving and sightseeing. The lush rain forests and diverse wildlife can be explored by the visitors.

Reaching Dominica
Dominica is the home to two airports, Canefield and the Melville Hall Airport. Most of the international and commercial flights operate through the Melville Hall. The visitors can easily access this place through Antigua, San Juan, St. Maarten, Guadeloupe and other main Caribbean regions.

Major attractions

1. Dominica's Boiling Lake
Dominica's Boiling Lake

This lake is one of the largest lakes situated in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park which is a World Heritage site. This lake is situated on high hills and can be reached after a hiking of about three to four hours across the forests. The hiking through this area requires excellence and care due to the boiling grayish-blue waters of the lake. You can generally view dense white clouds of vapors above the boiling waters.

2. Middleham Falls
This 150 feet high fall can be reached after a hike through the tropical rainforests of the orchids and the ferns. This beautiful clear pool of cool water offers nice swimming options to the couples. They can also sit beside the lake and view the scenic natural beauty of the surroundings.

3. Exploring underwater Dominica
Exploring underwater Dominica

The underwater kingdom of Dominica is full of some natural jewels. The couples can explore this kingdom and have an encounter with dolphins, whales, sea turtles and other marine animals. This place also offers spectacular diving.

Natura Cabanas

The island offers some romantic gateways where the couples can relax and spend some quality time. The features of these hotels add to their romance providing an aromatic atmosphere well suited for this purpose. Some of the preferred destinations to stay comprises of the Sivory Punta Cana, Casa Colonial Beach and Spa, Natura Cabanas, Tortuga Bay and Excellence Punta Cana. These hotels are known in the country for their exotic services and special arrangements for the honeymooning couples. 

Thus, Dominica Island seems to be a perfect honeymoon destination offering its best to the visitors. The secluded beaches and the stunning natural wonders increase the level of intimacy among the couples. So, visit this place and have an outstanding honeymoon.

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