Enjoy Your Honeymoon In The Cathedral City Of Salisbury

Salisbury is located in the heart of West Country. It is considered as the second largest cathedral city situated in Wiltshire in England. It is also known as New Sarum. This city is full of amazing attractions like the Stonehenge which is a World Heritage Site, Salisbury Cathedral, Longleat and Stourhead gardens. There are a wide variety of beautiful gardens, stately homes, farm parks and museums which have won awards.
This diversity of this place makes it a perfect honeymoon destination for the couples.

Getting Here
This city is majorly served by two airports, the London Heathrow Airport and the London Gatwick Airport. Both these airports are situated a few miles away from this place and provide an easy access to the city of Salisbury. Some other regional airports include the Southampton Airport, Bristol International Airport and the Bournemouth Airport.

Things To Do And See
Salisbury Cathedral

• The couples can take part in the choral evensongs which are organized at the Salisbury Cathedral. This event is considered to be a great concert.
• You can go for a walk with your partner enjoying the magnificent views of the countryside from this city to the Old Sarum.
• You and your spouse can visit the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust's Langford Lakes Nature Reserve and explore the wildlife of that region enjoying the spectacular landscapes and watching the beautiful birds.
• Enjoy a romantic bike ride with your partner at the back seat across the beautiful routes of the countryside.
• A visit to a
Downtown Moot
Downtown Moot could prove to be romantic as you can sit beside the Avon River with your spouse and feel the natural beauty of the landscapes.

Accommodation and eating
Some of the best romantic accommodation sites include the Howard’s House Hotel and Beechfield House Hotel.

Howard’s House Hotel
It is a luxurious hotel which is a beautiful part of the amazing landscapes. It is a treasure of wildlife with secret gardens and fresh and fine food. The place is not equipped with modern pleasures then also due to its beautiful location is considered to be a romantic and comfortable staying.

Beechfield House Hotel
Beechfield House Hotel

It is located in between the beautiful attractions of the city, therefore considered a gem amongst all the hotels. The hotel offers traditional food, beautiful gardens and beautifully decorated rooms with facility of fire places and swimming pools. The hotel also organizes events for the couples in which they can participate and enjoy their evening.

In this article, we have discussed the various attractions of the city of Salisbury. You can also plan your trip to this place and have a romantic and wonderful honeymoon.

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