Estepona – A Holiday Destination With Picturesque Beauty And Charming Lifestyle

Estepona is a coastal town situated at the western edges of the Malaga coast. This exceptional place is a famous tourist destination with a large number of visitors visiting every year. Despite so many activities in this region, it has beautifully maintained the charm and lifestyle of the surroundings. The long stretched marina and the beautiful mountainous regions of the town offer numerous delights to the visitors. The beaches offer several water activities including swimming and rafting.
Other outdoor activities comprises of horse riding, hiking, climbing, cycling and sightseeing. The rich golf playing tradition of this place provides you an opportunity to play golf or watch a match at any of the golf courses.

Reaching Estepona
The two major airports which serve this place consists of the Gilbraltar Airport and an international airport located in Malaga named as Pablo Ruiz Picasso. These two airports offers scheduled services from major locations and allows the passengers to land at their holiday destination.

Things To Do And See

1. Sol Buggys Marbella
Sol Buggys Marbella

The Sol Buggy offers a ride through the picturesque countryside and enjoys the undiscovered beauty of this place. A ride through the ups and downs of the mountains develops a kind of thrill inside you. Starting from the destination crossing the mountains and Pueblo Blanco, this ride is an ultimate fun trip.

2. AguaSpheres - Water Walking Balls

This is a latest water activity offering tons of fun. An aguasphere is a huge inflatable ball of about two meters that enables a person to enjoy water activities without getting wet. It is one of the best play things for kids as they can walk on the water without wetting themselves.

3. El Caminito Del Rey
This pathway is also called as the King’s Pathway. You can seek the help of the specialist tour guides while choosing this place for hiking or climbing. This pathway is pinned with some steep walls which offer a site for climbing.

4. Paratrikes

Paratriking or paragliding is one of the best adventures which you can look for. This activity offers you the amazing views of the whole countryside flying in the air.

The tourists can find some fine lodging options in the city from high priced luxurious hotels to medium and low priced hotels and lodges. The hotels offer fine facilities and services to the guests and offer a comfortable stay. You can choose a hotel based on your budget and taste.

This was all related to Estepona in detail. Hope it might help you while you plan your trip to this place. Visit this place and have a fantastic vacation.

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