Explore The Beauty And Festivals Of Cape Breton During Your Vacations

Cape Breton Island is located at the top of Nova Scotia, Canada. This place is considered to be the home of ancient culture and music festivals. The magnificent valleys and the beautiful mountains covered with tress have appropriately nurtured the heritage of this place. The beaches of this island offer several activities to the tourists like swimming, boating, surfing, kayaking and sand castle building. Celtic colors festival is the major attraction of this place inviting a large number of tourists to be its part and have fun.
Cape Breton
The guests can also enjoy the food, music and charm of the surroundings and outstanding drives at the Cabot Trail.

Reaching Cape Breton
The tourists mostly prefer to travel via Halifax, the capital city of Nova Scotia. There is situated the Halifax International Airport which operates flights from various locations. Cape Breton is situated a few miles away from this place and the visitors can take a bus or rent a car and reach their destination. There is also a small airport in Sydney, a place on the island.

Major Attractions

1. The fortress of Louisbourg
The fortress of Louisbourg

This fort is the oldest building displaying the unexpected treasures of the past. The visitors can get to know the traditions and rich cultural heritage of this place through the exhibits and displays in traditional format.

2. Cape Breton Highlands National Park
This park is famous among the tourists for its magnificent landscapes and stunning beauty. This park also comprises of the Cabot trail which offers outstanding hiking area to the visitors. This long Cabot Trail is famous for the views of Gulf of St. Lawrence and the high tides of the Atlantic Ocean.

3. Celtic Colors Festival
This festival offers extreme fun and entertainment to the tourists. The visitors can become a part of this event and enjoy not only the Celtic music but also the folk music, jazz and other forms of music all round the world.

DesBarres Manor Inn

Finding a comfortable stay with all luxuries is the most important thing if you want to enjoy your holidays to the fullest. Cape Breton is famous for its fine lodging facilities with delicious food. The best hotels offering good amenities to the guests comprises of Waverley Inn, DesBarres Manor Inn, Oak Island Inn, Surfside Inn and Seawind Landing. This town is also famous for its delicious dishes specially the lobsters. You can sit in any of the restaurants and enjoy the tasty meal.

Entertainment and fun is at its peak in Cape Breton with the outstanding scenery and tasty food. Explore this place during your next vacations and enjoy to your fullest.

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