Explore The Beauty Of Alicante, A Spanish Holiday Destination

Alicante is the capital city of Alicante Province and a famous holiday destination. It is a thoroughly modern city in the Mediterranean region offering everything for all ages. This city is the home to several stunning beaches with a backdrop of the magnificent Alicante Mountains. There are also several indoor and outdoor activities that can be enjoyed by the visitors. Several sightseeing opportunities await and welcome the guests on their arrival.
The visitors can enjoy and have fun in the beautiful gardens of the city and also go exploring the history of this place in the numerous museums located here. In all there is almost everything to entertain you and make you happy.

Reaching here
The city consists of a home airport known as the Alicante Airport which connects this place from the major locations of the world. Several regular flights lead the tourists this place.

Major Attractions

1. Alicante Water Museum
Alicante Water Museum

This astonishing museum is located at the entrance of La Ereta Park which is situated at the foot of Mount Benacantil. You can see the Santa Barbara Castle from this site. This place is known as the water museum because of the water from Benacantil foothills that passes from the plaza and goes into the wells. These wells are situated next to the museum and serve as a source to store water.

2. Castle of Santa Barbara 
Castle of Santa Barbara 

This medieval fortress stands on the top of the Benacantil Mountain and was built by Muslims in the Ninth century. The site offers amazing views of the whole town. The castle can be reaches either by a car or an elevator.

3. Gravina Museum of Fine Arts 
This museum displays some fine art from the local artists. The work done by these great artists are worth praising and are carefully preserved in this museum. You can also have a look at the video of the history of Alicante.

4. Alicante International Contemporary Music Festival
This festival is celebrated by the city with full pomp and show. The visitors can be a part of this festival and enjoy the traditional and classical music of this region. They can also have the pleasure of listening to some unique instruments specially designed for this festival.

The city comprises of several lodging options which can be taken into account by the guests. There are a wide range of luxurious hotels offering best services to their guests. You can select any one of them for your stay and enjoy your trip.

These were some of the key factors related to Alicante which could be kept in mind while planning a holiday trip to this place. Visit here and have loads of fun with y our family and friends.

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