Explore The Hidden Treasures Of Sinclair´s Bay, Caithness

Sinclair's Bay is a beautiful place surrounded by castles at all ends with the long stretched sandy beaches. This place is well known for its excellent crabs and lobsters. The striking small harbors and the picturesque beauty of the landscapes are eye catching. The visitors can have lots of adventures at this place from swimming, deep sea diving, snorkeling and fishing. The waters in this place consist of a wide species of colorful fishes and even offer creels, crabs and lobsters.
Sinclair´s Bay
This place is not much famous as a tourist destination but you can visit this place and explore the amazing hidden treasures.

Places To Explore

1. Keiss Beach
Keiss Beach

Sinclair's Bay is the only long stretched beach which is split into two parts by a stream. The north part of this beach is called as the Keiss Beach. This beach consists of the white sandy bed with shallow and warm waters. The beach is isolated and rarely has visitors. You can visit this place and enjoy with your family. 

2. Old Wick Castle
The Old Wick Castle was built in the 12th century and is a beautiful four storied tower which was once ruled by Norse Earls. It is wonderful to view the ruins of this castle which are in the form of large rocks located on the top of the cliffs. It seems highly exciting watching the high tides of the ocean striking these rocks.

3. Wick Heritage Centre
Wick Heritage Centre

This is an award winning museum which successfully restores the incredible artifacts and the wonderful fishing section. The most amazing thing of this place is that this museum is designed in the form of a fishing boat. 

4. Duncansby Head
Duncansby Head is the extreme north eastern part of Scotland. It also includes the well known John O’ Groats and the Caithness highlands. The real delight of this place lies to its southern part where you can explore the stunning landscapes situated behind the tall lighthouse. There is a pavement of red sandstone which leads you on the top of the cliffs and provides a magnificent view of the sea birds and sea gulls.

Lodging and eating
Bank Guesthouse

Sinclair's Bay is surrounded by beaches and hence consists of hotels with beautiful locations offering the views of the sea and the shores. Some of the finest hotels of this place are Sinclair Bay Hotel, The Clachan, Bank Guesthouse and Impala. These hotels offer all facilities essential for a comfortable stay. The rooms are provided with cozy beds with self coffee making services at the room. These hotels are known for their best hospitality.

The eco friendly environment and the stunning beauty of Sinclair's Bay attract visitors towards itself. Plan a trip to this place and enjoy your journey.

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