Explore The History Of Kingston During Your Vacational Trip To Canada

Kingston is situated on the northern shore of St Lawrence and Lake Ontario in Canada. It is a small city considered as a gateway to 1000 islands and known for its rich culture, history, ancient and historic buildings and vibrant nightlife with numerous clubs and pubs. This city is also a home to some great artists and hosts different festivals all round the year such as the Kingston Canadian Film Festival, Limestone City Blues Festival, The Kingston Buskers' and the Kingston Writersfest.
These festivals are a major source of attraction for the tourists. This place seems to be an amazing destination to plan your vacation.

Reaching Kingston
Kingston is easily accessible by air, road and water. The only airport which serves this place is the Norman Rogers Municipal Airport. It offers flights only to Toronto and hence results in an expensive journey. The tourists can also reach this place via boat enjoying the sea trip and having fun.

Major Attractions

1. Fort Henry
Fort Henry

It is a beautiful historical fort which represents the unique architecture of Kingston. It is a military fort which organizes grand parades. The visitors can have the pleasure of enjoying this grand parade reflecting the military traditions of Kingston.

2. Kingston 1000 Islands Cruises
This cruise allows you to visit the nearby thousand islands and feel the natural beauty of the ocean and the islands. Regular Cruises are being organized by the city services and it also offers all facilities from resting to dining.

3. The Museum of Health Care at Kingston
The Museum of Health Care

This museum represents the historic medicines which were used by the natives. The guests can visit this place and have the knowledge of the history of the medicines.

4. Bellevue House
It is a well maintained villa with green gardens considered to be the home of the first prime minister of Canada. It is a beautiful place with unique carvings on the walls. The visitors can have a guided tour to this place and get to know it more closely.

Lodging and dining
Kingston is full of various best hotels and lodges which offers some of the best facilities to its guests. Some of them are as follows.

Holiday Inn Kingston
Holiday Inn Kingston

Situated at the waterfront, this hotel is one of the best in the city. It consists of large comfortable rooms with superior amenities. It also offers the best dining facilities including the DOX restaurant which is famous for its delicious dishes. There are other hotels also from which you can make your selection.

The attractive cultural heritage and unique historical buildings attract a large number of visitors to Kingston. Plan your trip to this place and have a fantabulous vacation.

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