Explore The Legendary History And Beauty OF Saint-Malo During Your Holidays

Saint-Malo is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Brittany. This small port city is located in Brittany on the northwestern regions of France. The place has an old Town which is surrounded by walls from all sides. This place is one of the best locations that can be explored due to its rich history and cultural heritage. You can easily see numerous forts and historical buildings in this city. Apart from history, there are several beautiful beaches with pristine beaches, friendly restaurants and some of the finest cuisines.
The major attraction of this place is the oysters from Cancale.
They come under the list of best dish of this region. In all we can say that Saint-Malo offers a wide range of attractions from medieval and charming city to strolling beaches and museums.

Getting in
Saint-Malo is mainly served by ferries and is considered as a terminal for ferries arriving from Weymouth, Portsmouth and Poole. If you consider airways as a better option, you can reach this place via Dinard – Pleurtuit – Saint-Malo Airport. There are also bus and train services that can be availed by the tourists.

Places to explore

1. The Great Aquarium
The Great Aquarium

This aquarium is a major one in France. It was established in 1996 and owns several other parks in Europe and France. The aquarium houses around 11,000 sea animals. Visiting this place offers you the views of several species of sharks, turtles, fishes and stingrays.

2. Fort National
Fort National

Built in 1689 By Vauban, this national fort was designed for the purpose of protection of the valuable port of Saint-Malo. The tourists can take a guided tour to this place and explore the hidden importance and features of it.

3. St. Vincent Cathedral
St. Vincent Cathedral

This oldest cathedral is the best example of the Plantagenet style and is famous for its Gothic and Romanesque styles. This historical site is an amazing masterpiece reflecting the perfect mix of traditional architecture of Romans and Gothics.

There is a wide array of lodging facilities available to the visitors. This place consists of some best luxurious hotels, resorts and lodges. You can also find hotels and apartments which are medium priced and offer a suitable stay. The ones which are high priced also offer extra facilities of swimming pool, gymnasium and spa centers. The best ones you can go for include Hotel Le Nautilus, La Rance Hotel, La Villefromoy, Hotel Beaufort and Hotel San Pedro.

After reading this article, we can say that Saint-Malo is a perfect tourist destination which can be visited by you during your vacations.

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