Explore The Rich Cultural And Agricultural Heritage Of The City Of Suffolk

Suffolk is the largest country in England situated within the east of Anglia. It is one of the most beautiful and picturesque country sharing its boundaries with Norfolk in the north, Cambridge shire to its east, Essex in the southern part and the North Sea to its west. Suffolk consists of the ancient parts of the country and well known for its incredible sights and stunning coasts. A holiday trip to this place will bring your senses back to life. This place is full of some amazing features from spectacular Wool towns located in the south to the shimmering greenery in the west.
Suffolk City
The city’s fascinating culture, rich heritage, beautiful countryside, stunning coasts, wonderful accommodation and dining facilities add to your fun during your holidays.

Reaching Suffolk
Suffolk is a port city in England, hence the tourists can easily reach this place by water transport. People mostly prefer to travel via airways. Suffolk is mainly served by the Stansted Airport which ranks as the third largest in London. It receives scheduled flights from the major countries and also offers flights to several parts of UK and Europe. Norwich Airport situated in Norfolk also serves the city of Suffolk.

Major Attractions

1. Lavenham
Lavenham Village

Suffolk is known for its beautiful small villages and Lavenham is one such beautiful village with amazing architecture and historic medieval buildings. The picturesque beauty seems endless with the pink color on the walls of all the houses and black colored thatch.

2. The Sunrise Coast 
The Sunrise Coast 

The eastern coast of North Suffolk is generally known as the Sunrise Coast. This area is full of stunning landscapes and includes the Norfolk Broads National Park and ancient market towns. The beach offers various adventures to the tourists where they can enjoy and have lots of fun.

3. Laversham Literature festivals
Suffolk is famous for its rich arts and cultural heritage. There are number of festivals organized in the city. The tourists can have lots of entertaining music, arts and specially held comedy festivals at the Henham Park.

Suffolk is the home to some of the best luxurious hotels and cottages. The guests are provided with all the facilities which provide a comfortable stay. Some of the best ones include the Seckford Hall, the Swan Hotel, Salthouse Harbour Hotel and the Tuddenham Hotel. All of these hotels are surrounded by the stunning greenery and offers fine breakfast and dining facilities to the visitors.

The remarkable wool towns and the stunning landscapes of the country side make it a perfect holidaying destination. You can plan a trip to Suffolk and explore the hidden facts of the untouched parts of this place.

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