Explore The Wonderful City Of Lacombe During Your Vacations

Lacombe is a historical town located a few miles away from Red Deer. It is situated in Canada, a beautiful country. The city attains its name after the name of a Catholic priest Father Albert Lacombe. There is a statue of father situated in the downtown.  This town is a wonderful place for a holiday trip with family.
It is a perfect gateway to fun and entertainment. The beautiful landscapes, magnificent gardens and the rich history of this place make it a perfect holiday destination.

Major attractions

1. Gull Lake
Gull Lake

This famous lake is located in the western region of Lacombe. This shallow water lake has sandy beaches to its south and offers several recreational activities to the guests. The visitors can enjoy the pleasure of sport fishing, sailing, boating and surfing.

2. Ellis Bird Farm 
Ellis Bird Farm

The main purpose of this farm is to provide protection to the Tree Swallows, Mountain Bluebirds and other native birds of this region. This farm also has the facilities of a tea house, beautiful gardens with walking trails and an attractive visitor center.

3. J.J. Collett Natural Area
This naturally beautiful area comprises of the spruce forests, sand dunes and meadows. It is a popular skiing area among the tourists in the winter season.

4. Fish Creek Provincial Park
This is one of the largest parks of Canada spread in an area of about 12 miles. Towards its south is the Sikome Lake, a manmade lake which offers a nice swimming area to the tourists. There is also a learning center located in this park which organizes educational programs and provides information regarding the work performed in this park.

5. Lacombe Corn Maze
Lacombe Corn Maze

This corn maze is considered to be the largest corn farming done by the Kraay family from over a century. This maze became popular from few years and offers various activities in this region. Several fun activities involve jumping pillow, trike trail, tire house carousel and tube slides.


There are a plenty of accommodation facilities available in this city. You can find a comfortable stay according to your budget as this city offers hotels from luxurious hotels to mid range hotels. Some of the best hotels with best services include Greenway Inn, Country Club Inn, Lacombe Motor Inn and AIM Motel. There are also some fine restaurants which offer best regional dishes and tasty food. Some famous restaurants are located near these hotels, so the tourists can easily visit there.

All the features discussed in the above article prove that Lacombe is a nice holiday destination. If you are planning for a vacation, consider this play and enjoy your trip.

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