Feel The Spark Of Sao Paulo During Your Honeymoon Trip

Sao Paulo is the capital city of the state of Sao Paulo. This city is considered as the largest in Brazil and is progressing at a fast pace. The beehive activities in this place offer a jovial and vibrant nightlife with an experience of the culture of the inhabitants residing this place. The city of skyscrapers and world class cuisine and restaurants are the major attractions of this place.
Sao Paulo
For the couples there is so much to explore and experience with the diverse history and active culture. You can also find the best honeymoon retreats in this region.

How to reach

There are three major airports serving Sao Paulo. The Viracopos and Gaurulhos International support several international as well as domestic arrivals. The Congonhas Airport also offers some medium and short distance domestic flights. The visitors can easily access this place via these flights.

Places to explore

1. Sao Paulo Museum of Art
Sao Paulo Museum of Art

This museum is located in the heart of the city and comprises of some impressive collections from America. The collection comprises of amazing paintings displaying the admirable European art. You can also come across an open fair of gadgets and antiques displaying old stamps, clothes, crafts and masks.

2. Ibirapuera Park 

This park is most popular and main attraction of the city. It is preferable to visit to this urban park either in early morning or in late afternoon. The park has a large area for walking, jogging and leisure. There are several concerts organized in the park at the weekends. The Japanese park located nearby is worth a visit.

3. Banespa Tower
Banespa Tower

This is one of the tallest buildings in Sao Paulo with 34 floors. The top most point of the building offers magnificent views of the whole city. There is also a small museum situated in the building. If you wish to visit this museum, make sure you possess your ID as it is an essential requirement for entry.


The visitors can find several hotels and resorts offering honeymoon retreat to the couples. The fully romantic and aromatic atmosphere attracts numerous couples towards it. Some of the best gateways comprises of L'hotel Porto Bay Sao Paulo, Tivoli Sao Paulo Mofarrej, Fasano Hotel Sao Paulo, Pousada Ilha Splendor and Pestana São Paulo. These hotels are well known for their hospitality and delights they offer to their guests.

Sao Paulo is packed with several attractions and enjoyable delights resulting in a memorable honeymoon trip. So, don’t miss to visit this place and enjoy to your fullest.

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