Fiji – A Wonderful Mix Of Love And Beauty

Fiji is a perfect destination for the newlywed couples with the special facilities that are designed and tailored in an outstanding manner to make their trip unforgettable. This place serves as an ultimate hideaway for romance in the astonishing and beautiful environment. Located in the South Pacific region, this island destination offers eye catching scenery with endless blue waters, sunshine and swaying tall pine trees. This place offers plethora of activities and attractions that can be visited by you during your trip.
The couples can explore the whole city holding hands and enjoying the pleasant weather of this place. To have extreme enjoyment and fun you can visit this place in the months of November to April. The climate is warm with cool breeze that allows you feel the romance in the atmosphere. These months also offer long daylight hours during which you can roam about with your spouse.

Visiting Places

1. Nadi (Garden of Sleeping Giant)
Garden of Sleeping Giant

This garden is full of numerous varieties of plant species and palm trees. It fulfills the expectations of the nature lovers with the blooming colorful flowers, swaying palm trees and exotic varieties of orchids. This park also features hiking trails and a hot spring which can be looked upon by you.

2. Fiji Museum
This is the best alternative when you are not willing to indulge in the seaside activities. This museum offers you an opportunity to explore the culture and traditions of this place. The several exhibits on display portray the story of the rise of this place from a tribal conflict to an amazing tourist paradise. There is a lawn in the front of the museum where you can sit and relax with your partner.

The best means of entertainment in this place is the traditional dance show which is a custom of this place. The custom involves dancing in order to appease the gods. The dance involves a great combination of the chanting, rhythmic clapping and singing. You can make your bookings in any of the theaters and have the pleasure of viewing this Meke dance show.

Deep Sea Diving in Fiji

The Pacific Ocean offers wide range of activities that can be enjoyed by you. Most common ones include deep sea diving, snorkeling, river rafting, fishing, jetboating, canoeing, trekking, wildlife safaris and much more. You can have endless fun during these activities.

If you are also in search of a place for your honeymoon, visit Fiji for lifelong cherishing memories. You are surely going to enjoy each and every moment of your journey.

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