Grahamstown - A Perfect Holiday Paradise For The Vacationers

If you want to make your holiday remarkable then it is very vital to select a perfect holiday destination. Though there are various holiday destinations across the globe, but Grahamstown is an African holiday destination that is often preferred by vacationers. Let, us find out why?
Grahamstown is a city that is located in the Cacadu district of Eastern Cape. This is a city popularly called as the City of Saints because this city has more than 40 churches. This city is also referred as the Festival Capital of Africa because six national festivals are celebrated in this city every year. This is the city where loads of battles are fought in early days and today also the warriors of the battles are remembered. The prestigious game reserves and the lingering history make this city the most visited holiday destination.

How to reach        
East London airport and the Port Elizabeth airport are the two airports that are close to this city. The overseas vacationers need to book their flights up to anyone of these airports. From here tourists will find train, bus and car rental services that will help them to reach the city without any hassle.

Things to see

1. Albany Museum Complex
Albany Museum Complex

The building of this museum was constructed in the year 1855 by the Medical Chirurgical Society of Grahamstown. Today tourists will find seven other buildings near this museum including Old Priest’s House, Drostdy Arch, Old Provost Military Prison, Fort Selwyn, The Observatory Museum, The History Museum and The Natural Sciences Museum.

2. Eastern Star Gallery 
The name of this gallery was derived from a local newspaper that was established in the year 1871. Here tourists can explore various displays as well as exhibits. 

3. Fraser’s Camp Adventurous
Fraser’s Camp

Here tourists can enjoy adrenalin fuelled teambuilding as well as family adventures with six ziplines offered by Fraser’s Camp. This camp is situated about 38 km away from the heart of the city. If the tourists request then they also offer places for accommodation.

Places for accommodation
Lantern Hill Guest House

Tourists will not find shortage of places for accommodation in the city. There are loads of guesthouses as well as five star hotels in the city where tourists can enjoy comfortable stay. Some of the hotels in the city include Henri House B&B, The Highlander, Lantern Hill Guest House, Protea Hotel etc. 

This city is considered as the beautiful and most visited holiday destination that every tourist must visit. There are loads of attractions in the city that tourists can explore. 

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