Happening Holidays In Trois-Rivieres, Canada

Trois-Rivieres located mid way between the Quebec City and Montreal is the meeting point of two rivers, St. Maurice Rivers and the St. Lawrence. It derives its name from this point as the Three Rivers or the Trois-Rivieres. Due to its centralized location it has become a major attraction site for the visitors and in the few years the number of tourists to this place has increased to a great extent. This city is full of hidden treasures with remarkable historical places, audacious museums, sophisticated restaurants, art galleries and various festivals.
Trois-Rivieres, Canada
The scenic beauty of the meeting point of the rivers is amazingly beautiful. All these features make this place a perfect holiday destination.

Things to do and see

1. Old Jail of Trois-Rivieres
Old Jail of Trois-Rivieres

The visitors can take a guided tour to the ancient monument of this region. Built in 1822 it served as a place to keep the prisoners. Its isolation cells and iron bars reveals that they were the strongest not letting the prisoners to escape from this place.

FestiVoix de Trois-Rivières
2. FestiVoix de Trois-Rivières
It is a musical festival celebration generally held in the last of June till 4th of July. It is a unique festival which offers 15 stages to the performers. The visitors can enjoy the varieties of music including pop, jazz, rock and choirs. Different dance and fun festivals are also organized at this place.

3. Québec Museum of Folk Culture
The museum is the home of the precious ancient culture and history of this place. It exhibits six unusual exhibitions in a unique Quebec style. The visitors can have the pleasure of viewing the extraordinary architecture of this monument.

4. Combination of St. Maurice Rivers and the St. Lawrence
It is a point where the St. Maurice Rivers empties itself into the St. Lawrence. The site of this point is very eye catching and it seems as if you are standing in heaven. The white fumes that arise while the combination, is heart touching. It is also a site which attracts visitors towards itself.

Lodging and eating

The Auberge Godefroy Hotel-Spa-Golf is one of the best hotels in this city. It offers the best lodging facilities to the visitors and makes their trip wonderful. It is just a few minutes away from the downtown and is renowned for the best services and fine dining facilities. Other hotels which you can go for include the Motel Canadien, Hotel-Motel Coconut and Hotel L’Urbania. For eating you can go to the Bistro L'Ancêtre restaurant which is located in an old historic building and attracts the tourists towards its delicious Italian food.

So, here in this article we have discussed the amazing features of the city of Trois-Rivieres. You can also plan your holiday trip to this place and have a rocking vacation.

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