Have An Adventurous Holiday Trip To The Sauble Beach

Sauble Beach is situated on the eastern coast of Lake Huron, in Ontario, Canada. It is a beach town famous for its long stretched sandy beaches and various recreational activities.  These features make this place the first choice of the people who are planning to go for a holiday trip.
The Sauble Beach
The major attractions of this place include swimming, water skiing, golfing, fishing, beach volleyball, castle building and several others. It is a wonderful place for a family vacation and fun.

Major Attractions

1. Winding River Campground

Winding River Campground
This place provides the ultimate experience of camping. The campground is spread on 12.5 acres of the natural forests with the Sauble River flowing along the ground. There are all the amenities for the families which includes facilities of bathing, eating and comfortable staying.

Sand castle Competition
2. Sand castle Competition
The sand at the beach of the Sauble River is considered best for building castles. This attracts the children as they enjoy playing with sand and create small castles. The authorities also organize castle creating competitions for the visitors in which you can take part and have lots of fun.

3. Lighthouse
There are various light houses located in this region. Light houses attract the visitors towards its sky touching height and their rich history. Visiting a lighthouse during evening or at night time could offer you spectacular views.

Things to do

• You can play volleyball at the beach courts.
• There are various mountains which offer hiking. You can also prefer to go for cycling exploring the natural beauty of the nearby places.
• Swimming in the fresh waters of the sea could prove to be a good choice.
• This beach town is the home of some renowned golf courts. You can take the pleasure of playing golf in these courts or go for watching some tournaments.
• The sunsets at the Lake Huron’s are world famous. You can enjoy some of these picturesque landscapes.

Lodging and eating

This small town is full of cottages and hotels with all facilities and comforts. The location of these hotels is such that they allow the visitors to view some spectacular landscapes. With all facilities and comforts they also provide fine dining services to their guests. The best hotels in this place include the Golden Eagle Motel, Knights Inn, Sauble Beach Lodge and the Lakeview Motel and Cottages.

You can also find some of the best dining facilities at the Beach Burger restaurant, Marc’s Cosmic Fries and Lobby’s Beach Front Restaurant.

The stunning beauty of the beaches and the entertaining activities offered by the Sauble beach makes this place a perfect destination for vacations. Do visit this place and enjoy your holidays.

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