Have A Romantic And Adventurous Honeymoon Trip In The City Of Anchorage

Getting married to a desired person is the greatest achievement of life. It is the dream of every person to gain a mutual understanding with their partner and lead a happy life. Honeymoon is the first step in this journey. Therefore, it becomes necessary to select a romantic and cozy destination where they can spend time together. Anchorage is a destination mainly selected by the newlyweds.
The picturesque landscapes, wildlife adventures and the glittering Cook Inlet waters provide a romantic environment to the couples. Thus, planning a honeymoon to this place is a breathtaking idea.

Reaching Anchorage
The air travel is one of the efficient and cheapest means of transport to reach this place. Anchorage receives flights from all American countries. Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport is the main airport which serves this place and provides the visitors an easy access to this place.

Best time to visit 
Anchorage offers a warm weather and long days during summer months. This climate is considered to be the best by the tourists as they can explore the wildlife of this place and enjoy the various activities. It includes the months between May and September. If you are interested in snow activities you can also visit this place in winters, as they offer a great deal of sporting adventures to the visitors.

Things to do and see

1. Exploring the Wildlife

The couples can go exploring the rich and diverse wildlife of Anchorage. You can go for a drive along the park and view the habitat of the animals living in here. A flight tour can provide better sightseeing of the various animals including the eagles, moose, bears, Dall sheep, beluga whales and beavers.

2. Biking or hiking
Flattop Mountain is the most popular hiking spot of this place. You can go on a hike trail to this mountain and have majestic views from the top. It would seem to be more romantic if you go for a walk with your partner and enjoy the landscapes holding hands.

Hotel Captain Cook

The most romantic stays are found in Anchorage. The Hotel Alyeska located in the greenwood area is one of the attractive hotels in this place. Its outstanding features include the swimming pool, spa and fitness centers, fine dining options with facilities of room service and a fabulous fireplace in the room itself so that you can have some romantic moments with your partner. The fully decorated rooms and top excellent furniture makes the place more suitable for honeymooners. There are some other hotels which can be selected by you. These include Holiday Inn Express Anchorage and Hotel Captain Cook.

So, you can have a memorable honeymoon trip in the beautiful city of Anchorage. Visit this place and attain everlasting memories.

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