Have A Romantic Honeymoon In The Beautiful Landscapes Of Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is located in the Atlantic provinces of Canadian region. The pastoral scenery of this island offers this place another name known as “Garden of the Gulf”. The rolling hills, red soil, sandy beaches, woods and ocean coves adds to the beauty of this place. The warm sea waters offers an opportunity to the visitors to have an adventure of several water sports like swimming, deep sea diving, boating, fishing and kayaking.
Prince Edward Island
You can also enjoy some of the cultural festivals and stunning sightseeing in this region. The isolated beaches and peaceful atmosphere serves to be a perfect gateway for the honeymooning couples.

Get in
You can easily reach this place by airways. This island is served by only one airport which is situated in Charlottetown. It operates passenger flights from Westjet, Air Canada, Delta Air Lines and Sunwing Vacations.

Major Attractions

1. Cavendish Beach
Cavendish Beach

This is one of the most famous beaches among the newlyweds. There are also more lovely beaches situated in this area. This beach is preferred as it is isolated and the couples can spend some cherishing time with each other without any disturbances. This beach is also known by the name of singing beach as the sand here creaks while you walk on it.

2. Anne of Green Gables
This is one of the most beautiful houses located in Prince Edward. The house features lovely grounds and awesome greenery. There is a buggy standing in the premises of the house. The couples can go for a ride in this buggy and can even get themselves photographed while sitting in it.

Adventurous activities
Island Fishing

The warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean offer a series of activities to the couples. They can go for deep sea diving and explore the underwater life of this area. You can also opt for boating and have spectacular views of the beautiful scenery. Deep sea fishing is another option available to the visitors where they can catch their own fish and cook it for their dinner.

This place is a hub of some best lodging options with outstanding location. You can book a big room with all comforts at a beach side resort and have the stunning sea views. Some of the best resorts are Clark's Sunny Isle Motel, Cairns Motel and Heritage Harbour House Inn. You can also have the privilege of dining at open restaurants at the sea side offering fresh lobsters, oysters and mussels.

Planning your honeymoon to Prince Edward Islands will result in everlasting romantic memories of your life.

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