Honeymoon In Venice – An Ultimate Romantic Destination For Newlyweds

The word honeymoon itself spurs joy and excitement in the newlywed couples. This phase is considered as the most romantic period during which the couples tend to increase their intimacy and develop strong relationships among them. Therefore, it becomes necessary to select a perfect destination that offers ultimate fun and enjoyment with lots of surprises. One such destination is Italy which is considered as a heaven for the newlyweds.
To be more precise Venice is a place located on the northeastern coast of Italy that offers plethora of excitements and fun. This compact city is the home outstanding scenic beauty with rich culture and heritage. 

Reasons To Visit This Place
Romantic Dinner

There are several reasons that make this place a perfect spot for honeymoon. Some of them are discussed below.

  1. The city is blessed with warm climatic conditions throughout the year due to its seaside location. 
  2. The compact city offers you an opportunity to explore the streets holding the hands of your spouse. 
  3. You can also taste the traditional Italian food during your trip in the best restaurants or sea side restaurants in a romantic atmosphere. 
  4. The island cruises and the gondola rides are the best attractions of this place.

When To Visit
If you are willing to maintain your privacy and spend some peaceful moments with your partner avoid visiting this place in the peak season. During the peak season this place is fully packed with tourists and showcases busy streets and restaurants. The months from April to June and September to October are considered as the best time for the couples to enjoy all the pleasures of this place and spend time in the peaceful atmosphere. The weather during these months is also pleasant.

Exciting activities
Cruise the Grand Canal
Romantic Cruises

Going for a cruise on a vaporetto serves as the best romantic activity that can be opted by the couples. You can take a ride to the St. Mark’s Square and feel the coolness of the air. It would be more romantic if you plan your cruise at night and exchange hugs when the vaporetto shakes in the sea waters.

Gondola ride
Gondola Ride

It is a must to do activity for the couples. You can view the picturesque beauty of the whole city sitting beside your partner in the gondola. This seems exciting and romantic.

Eating in the best restaurants
The city is the home to several restaurants that offer delicious food in a romantic atmosphere. You can book a table in the garden of the restaurant and enjoy the traditional dishes sitting beneath the open sky and glittering stars.

Honeymoon is the best time to have a healthy interaction with your spouse and build a strong relationship. So, plan a visit to Venice and enjoy to your fullest.

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