Kelowna – Enjoy The Natural Beauty Of The Coastline Region Of Okanagan Lake

Kelowna is situated in the heart of the wine country of British Columbia. It is considered as the largest city of this region standing at the banks of Lake Okanagan. The stunning coastal beauty, diverse wildlife and fertile agricultural lands offer so much to the visitors. The beaches are well suited for different recreational activities of boating, swimming, surfing and kayaking.

Wineries are the major attraction of this place. If you are ready to go for vacations and want to have lots of thrill and excitements, select Kelowna as your destination.

Getting in
Kelowna International Airport, situated in Kelowna operates flights to and from all major regions of the world. This airport offers daily services from the cities of Seattle, Calgary, Prince George and Vancouver.

Major Attractions

1. Quails' Gate Winery
Located at the first log cabin at the top, this winery offers amazing views of the vineyards and across the Lake Okanagan. This place also offers the regional wine to the guests and consists of a small open area where you can sit and relax.

2. Big White Resort
Big White Resort

Big White Resort is the most famous skiing resort offering a vast area for skiing. You can play different ice games in this resort and have lots of fun. Mainly you can watch the guests skiing in this area. 

3. Hot air balloon ride over Okanagan
A hot air balloon ride offers some thrill where you can observe some amazing views of the city flying over the top of it. The views of the snow covered mountain, glittering sea water and dense plantation are breathtaking.

4. Kangaroo Creek Farm
Kangaroo Creek Farm

The major attraction of this place is the kangaroos. The creek farm provides you can opportunity to have some views of kangaroo and some small marsupials living in their natural habitat or lying at the beach in the sun shine. It seems to be very exciting.

A comfortable stay after a long happening day is the need for all guests. Kelowna provides hotels, lodges and motels in all ranges suitable to all. The tourists can select a place according to their budget and enjoy their holidays. Some preferred hotels in this place are Dilworth Inn, Manteo Resort, Royal Anne Hotel and the Mission Park Inn. This city is also the home t some fine eating places which provide best services with delicious foods and tasty wine. You can taste some nice wine at Waterfront Wines Restaurant & Wine bar and Bohemian Bagel Cafe and Ric's Grill.

This article provides you with all the relevant information regarding the city of Kelowna. Hope this may surely convince you to select this place as a holiday destination. 

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