Kitchener – A Place Of Delight For Your Vacations

The thought a holiday trip is enough to fill everyone’s mind with pleasure and delights. Nowadays the life has become so busy and hectic that it is very rare to spend some quality time with our family and friends. Holidays are the best way to have lots of entertainment, fun and joy with our loved ones. This requires some planning and selection of a place that offers a lot for all the members going for it.
Kitchener is a small town situated in southern west region of Ontario, Canada which offers all the delights which is expected by a person for a perfect holiday tour. It offers an endless list of places to visit and adventurous activities to the guests.

Places To Explore

1. Waterloo Pioneer Memorial Tower
Waterloo Pioneer Memorial Tower

This historical tower was built in 1926 and reflects the arrival of German pioneers to the region of waterloo. Located at the banks of the Grand River, the towers Swiss architecture, copper roof and random fieldstone reflect the Swiss origin and lifestyle of the early of the native living here.

2. Victoria Park
Victoria Park

This is a well known park situated at the downtown of the city. The park consists of a lake, magnificent tall clock tower, a statue of Queen Victoria and a restaurant. The green open spaces of the park allow the visitors to relax and enjoy a picnic with their family.

3. Kitchener City Hall
Located centrally to the downtown this is a post modern historical building. This hall also consists of a cafeteria situated on the top of the tower.

4. Crawford Lake Conservation Area
This is a rare lake whose pristine waters attract a large number of tourists towards itself. The lake is surrounded by lush green forest area with Niagara Escarpment which offers the visitors to have a view of the rare turkey vultures.

Delta Kitchener

This city offers some of the best lodging options. You can find a comfortable stay depending on your budget as there are a series of hotels with almost all ranges suiting the pockets of all. The major hotels preferred by the guests include Hampton Inn & Suites, Radisson Hotel Kitchener, Delta Kitchener and The Walper Hotel. All of these hotels provide a comfortable stay to the visitors with the best dining facilities and services. They also offer the facilities of swimming pool, gymnasium and spa centers.

The amazing architectural buildings and the stunning landscapes of this place makes it a perfect holiday destination. You can plan your next holiday trip to Kitchener and explore the untouched treasures of this place.

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