La Baule – A Perfect Happening Location For Your Vacations

La Baule is an old sea side city located in Pays de la Loire in France. This place is one of the most famous destinations among the holidaymakers due to its longest sandy beaches, pristine waters and picturesque beauty. It is a nice place to spend your vacations, enjoy some water sports, promenade and relax. Along with the beaches, the other attractions of this place comprises of beautiful villas, luxury hotels, rich culture and sophisticated bars and casinos.
La Baule
These casinos provide an opportunity to have the enjoyment of gambling and seeking some fun.

Major attractions

1. Beaches

The long stretched sandy beaches are the major attraction of this place. Spread to over eight kilometers, these beaches have fine sand providing an opportunity to the tourists to play volley ball. The kids can also enjoy in the shallow waters. It serves as an ideal place for water sports and offers ultimate fun. There are several sea side restaurants and luxurious resorts located at the breach side.

2. Guerande

This place is situated a few miles away from the town and looks like an old walled medieval city. The several attractions of Guerande which can be explored by you comprises of a museum, Collegiate church and salt marshes. The place is amazing and requires a visit.

3. Casinos and bar 
La Baule is the home to several rocking bars and casinos reflecting the vibrant nightlife of the city. The tourists can visit the renowned bars situated and the city and have lots of fun enjoying the drinks and gambling. The famous bar of the city is Le Zinc Great Bar and well known for its rocking evenings.

La Baule is the home to several resorts and hotels and hence there are several beachside resorts with stunning locations and facilities. Some of the best luxurious resotd comprises of Hotel Hermitage Barrière, Résidence Royal-Thalasso, Royal-Thalasso Barrière and Hotel Castel Marie-Louise. A booking in any of these hotels offers stunning views and best hospitality.

Hermitage Barriere
Hermitage Barriere

This is a five star hotels located at the beachfront. The features of this hotel comprises of indoor as well as outdoor water pools, fitness center and a bar. The rooms of the hotels are specially designed by Jacques Garcia and are facilitated with air conditioners with a cable TV and mini bar. The rooms are equipped with private balconies providing the sea side scenery.

So, this was all regarding La Baule. You can plan your holidays to this place and enjoy the natural wonders to your fullest.

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