La Digue – An Ideal Place To Relax And Enjoy In The Natural Wonders Of African Region

La Digue is a beautiful small island of the Seychelles. This picturesque island with top beaches, untouched forests and exotic weathering of pink granite is easily accessible with outstanding accommodation facilities. The palm trees and the colorful coral reefs provide breathtaking views of nature. The life on this island is relaxed with Creole houses beautifully places under the papaya trees.

La Digue
In all we can say that this island is the home to several charms and offers lots of water activities to the tourists. This island is also considered as a center from which other islands of Seychelles can be explored.

Get in
This place is not accessible by airways but there is a helipad on the island providing an opportunity to the helicopters to land here. The ferries are major means of transportation in this region. Several ferries run from La Digue and Praslin.

Places to explore

1. Giant Tortoise
Giant Tortoise

Seychelles is the home to some rare and exotic species of Giant tortoises which live in the agricultural estate of this island. These tortoises are the largest in the world and hence attract numerous visitors towards it. 

2. Veuve Reserve Information Centre
This reserve is established to provide protection to the black paradise flycatcher, which is on the verge of extinction. This forest reserve protects its natural habitation. 

3. Beaches

La Digue has several stunning beaches with sandy coast and palm trees increasing its beauty. The coastal lines with granite boulders, white sand, pretty coves and colorful reefs offer the best place to relax and enjoy the natural beauty.  These beaches also provide amazing sightseeing of the tropic birds flying in the sky.

4. Flora and Fauna
The diverse flora and fauna of the island require an exploration by you. While walking across the forest you can view some delicate orchids, trees of Indian almond and grapevines of vanilla. The fauna is also diverse with rare species of birds, Chinese bittern and waxbill.

The island proffers several comfortable gateways to the visitors where they can relax after an exciting day. Numerous sea side resorts and hotels provide an easy access to the beaches with the stunning views of the sunset, which you can enjoy relaxing on your couch. The best hotels in this region comprises of Pension Hibiscus, Le Domaine de l'Orangeraie, Casa De Leela, Chateau St Cloud and Hotel L'Ocean. There are also some sea side open restaurants offering fine dining facilities under the open sky.

This island paradise offers a perfect place to relax in the natural surroundings and enjoy some water activities. Therefore, plan your holidays to La Digue and feel the nature.

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