Lethbridge – A Fantastic Holiday Destination In Canada

There are numerous destinations across the world which proves to the best for a holiday trip. Sometimes it is really confusing to make a selection in between them. But, if you are looking forward for a holiday trip, you can explore the city of Lethbridge in Canada. This is a small city with peaceful environment offering magnificent sightseeing and stunning beauty. Lethbridge is situated in southern parts of Alberta and is considered as a hub for many ranching and farming communities in the nearby regions.
This place also comprises of some beautiful valleys which are the result of erosion. The major attractions of this place include the Old Man River flowing across the city and the theme based parks which add to the beauty of this region.

Reaching Lethbridge
Lethbridge consists of a regional airport situated a few miles from the city limits. This is a small airport which offers flights only from Canada. The Integra Air and Air Canada operates scheduled flights to and from Lethbridge. The tourists can take a flight to Canada and from there, they can board these regional planes and reach this place.

Things to do and see

1. Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden
Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden

This beautiful garden is a master piece representing the traditions of the Japanese. This garden is set aside the free flowing Henderson Lake which increases the beauty of the landscapes. You can spot the amazing Japanese architecture and design in the planting of flowers. It is such a wonderful site where you can find benches to relax.

2. Sir Alexander Galt Museum & Archives
Originally considered to be a hospital, this museum perfectly exhibits the history of Lethbridge and Southern regions of Alberta in a detailed manner. It is the best place to gain some knowledge of the past of this place. You can also hear the stories of this museum to be haunted. This would be lots of adventures exploring this rich historical place.

3. Helen Schuler Nature Centre
Helen Schuler Nature Centre

This nature center is a nice place for kids to have entertainment and fun. The major attraction of this place is the rescued crow considered to be a fixture from several years. The center comprises of small and well organized collections of natural things and also provides smooth trails for walks.

Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Lethbridge, Quality Inn & Suites, Coast Lethbridge Hotel & Conference Centre and Sandman Hotel Lethbridge are some of the recognized hotels of this city. These staying places are well known for their nice services and hospitality. The tourists can make bookings in any one of these and have a comfortable stay.

The details of this beautiful city and the pleasures it offer serves to be the best for a perfect holiday. Here you get lots of opportunities to enjoy the nature and have fun.

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