Praslin Island - Explore The Amazingly Beautiful Paradise Of Africa

Praslin Island is one of the most stunning islands of Seychelles. This island boasts about its calm and quiet atmosphere and is a perfect destination for holidaymakers who wish to rest in peace. This island stretches to about 12 kilometers in length and 5 kilometers in width. It is also the center of Vallee de Mai National considered as a world heritage site. The pretty thick emerald vegetation, turquoise waters and pristine beaches offer lots of pleasures to the tourists. The small delightful features comprises of the beachside shops selling banana bread and small atolls surrounded by colorful coral reefs.
Praslin Island
The marine life and the diverse fauna of this place are also exciting. Activities like deep sea diving and snorkeling allow you to have an interaction with the furious sharks and other marine animals.

Reaching in here
The waterways serve as the main means of transport to this island. The tourists can have an easy access to this place by the ferries offering services to this place. Journey through the sea also offer remarkable sightseeing of the surroundings.

Major attractions
1. Vallee de Mai National Park
Vallee de Mai National Park

This national World Heritage Site is centrally located in the island. This is the best place to see the coco de mer palm trees which grow in this region in plenty. The walking trails and paths across this park lead you to coves and deserted beaches. The snorkeling and dining ids allowed in this region with coral reefs surrounding the beach.

2. Praslin Museum
This is the first and only museum located in the island. This museum boasts about the traditions and culture of Seychelles. There is also a garden with endemic medicinal plants and allows the visitors to have a view of the fruit bats. Visitors can also take active participation in some traditional activities of coconut dehusking and grilling breadfruit.

3. Anse Lazio beach
Anse Lazio beach

This beach is located on the north side of Praslin. This beach is regarded as one of the finest beaches in Praslin. The stunning beauty of this place is enhanced by the huge granite formations and coral reefs surrounding the beach. You can also enjoy bathing and snorkeling on this beach.

The tourists can find a wide range of lodging facilities on this island. The island is the home to several beachside resorts and luxurious hotels offering all sorts of comforts to the guests. The main hotels preferred by the visitors comprises of Paradise Sun Hotel, Chateau de Feuilles, Le Duc de Praslin, Coco de Mer - Black Parrot Suites and Villa Kass.

In the above article, several facts about Praslin Island have been in detail. Do read this article carefully before visiting this place and have loads of entertainment.

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